advisory committee & staff

Advisory Committee, Administrative, and Technical Staff
2007 – 2008 Advisory Committee Members

G. Reginald Daniel, Associate Professor, Sociology Department (Chair)
Ingrid Banks, Associate Professor, Black Studies Department
Mary Becker, Community Member Representative
Eileen Boris, Chair/Professor, Women’s Studies
Julie Carlson, (Ex-officio) Professor, English Department
Jon D. Cruz, Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Sylvia Curtis, Librarian, Davidson Library, UCSB
Giles Gunn, Professor/Chair, Global Studies
George Lipsitz, Professor, Black Studies Department
Christopher McAuley,  Associate Professor, Black Studies Department
Claudine Michel, (Ex-officio) Professor, Black Studies and CBSR Director
Sylvester Ogbechie, Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture
Sojourner Kincaid Rolle, Community Outreach, Center for Black Studies
Howard Winant, Professor, Sociology Department
Clyde Woods, Assistant Professor, Black Studies Department
Michael Young, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Zhao Xiaojian, Chair/Associate Professor, Asian American Studies

2007– 2008 Administrative Staff and Technical Support

Claudine Michel, Director and Professor/Chair, Black Studies Department
Julie Carlson, Associate Director and Professor, English Department
Sojourner Kincaid Rolle, Community Affairs Coordinator
Mahsheed Ayoub, Business Officer
Chryss Yost, Publications Manager
Amy Ramos, Editor
Keith Terry, Project Excel, Director
Meredith Eckard, Student Staff Support           
Eziaku Nwokocha, Student Staff Support
Renato Untalan, Technical Support

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Josef Liles, Graduate Student — Baxter Award
Meredith Eckard,Undergraduate Student
Eziaku Nwokocha, Student Staff Support
Renato Untalan, Undergraduate Student




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