Awards Administered

Awards Administered

California Stories Fund, California Council for the Humanities —$10,000 (5/1/2007 – 10/1/2008)
Principal Investigator:  Claudine Michel, Director CBSR and Professor, Department of Black Studies

In May 2007, the Center for Black Studies Research received a $10,000 grant from the California Council for the Humanities’ California Stories Fund for the production of the Shirley Kennedy documentary, tentatively titled “The Life of an Activist.”  This grant will help with production and filming costs, and will be combined with private donations the Center has received in the past year to help make this important project a reality.  The project is in the last phase of editing at the time of this report with the hope of marketing and distribution in winter 2009.

Summer Cultural and Enrichment Program – $16,000 (July – August 2007)
Program Director:  Clyde Woods, Associate Professor, Department of Black Studies

In June 2007, the Center for Black Studies Research and the Black Studies Department received a Cultural and Enrichment Program Grant from the Office of Instructional Development to study and showcase Life and Expressive Culture in Los Angeles. Activities, speakers, symposia brought intellectual engagement and cultural programming for the Summer Session on campus and the community. The research aspect of the project enhanced our new emphasis in urban studies and public policy, bringing the conversation about urban restructure. A total of five events took place on various venues on campus starting in July and the last event on August 7, 2007.

UCOP – University Community Engagement Grant (1/1/2008-12/31/08) $30,000
Principal Investigator: Julie Carlson, Associate Director CBSR and Professor English Department

In December 2007 the Center was awarded once again the University Community Engagement Grant from UCOP to support the funding of Project Excel. Project Excel operates as a community-based academic preparation initiative now successfully beginning its third year. Project Excel is designed to improve the enrollment of local African American and American Indian students at UCSB or any four-year college or university and to strengthen relations among UCSB, Santa Barbara City College, and communities of color in the greater Santa Barbara area.  It is backed by UCSB but is located in the Santa Barbara community.  Two of its three chief personnel are youth advocates with a long history of serving the African American and American Indian communities.  Project Excel uses a combination of regular advising, mentorship by college students, tutors, parent programming, and attendance at community and university events to ensure the success of its students.  It especially addresses the interests of the University-Community Engagement Grant in projects that improve readiness for 4-year colleges, including UC, and projects that improve community college transfer readiness. The funding from this grant supports mentoring stipends, part-time office staff and part-time evaluator, parental programming, conference travel for the Director, in addition to operating supplies and expenses for the Project Excel office located at the  Franklin Community Center in Santa Barbara.


K&F Baxter Family Foundation Grant (10/02/05 – 8/31/08) $11,000
Principal Investigator: G. Reginald Daniel, Associate Professor

This $11,000 grant was extended to 8/31/08 to allow Professor Daniel to work on the second half of the Baxter Grant project entitled Racial Identity and the Brazilian Novelists: The Life and Writings of Machado de Assis.  This extension was approved from the period of February 2008 through August 2008.  Professor Daniel’s previous Grant publication (2006), Race and Multiraciality in Brazil and the United States: Converging Paths? has received favorable reviews in numerous flagship journals in sociology, anthropology, history and Latin American Studies.



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