Statistical Summary

1.  Academic personnel engaged in research:
-b.-Professional Researchers (including Visiting)--1
-c.-Project Scientists
-e-Postdoctoral Scholars
-f-Postgraduate Researchers

2.  Graduate Students:
-a-Employed on contracts and grants---1
-b.-Employed on other sources of funds
-c.-Participating through assistantships---1
-d.-Participating through traineeships
-e-Other (Special Student Status)

3.  Undergraduate Students:
-a.-Employed on contracts and grants
-b.-Employed on other funds---2
-c.-Number of volunteers, & unpaid interns---2

4.  Participation from outside UCSB: (optional)
-a.-Academics (without Salary Academic Visitors)--2
-b.-Other --

5.  Staff (Univ. & Non-Univ. Funds):

6.   Seminars, symposia, workshops sponsored---8
7.   Proposals submitted----3
8.   Number of different awarding agencies dealt with*---3
9.   Number of extramural awards administered---3
10.  Dollar value of extramural awards administered during year**--51,000
11.  Number of Principal Investigators***---3
12.  Dollar value of other project awards ---22,900
13.  Number of other projects administered---3
14.  Total base budget for the year (as of June 30, 2008)---104,815
15.  Dollar value of intramural support---92,272
16.  Total assigned square footage in ORU---1,459
17.  Dollar value of awards for year (07-08 Total)---30,000




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Statistical Summary

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