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Donations to the Center for Black Studies Research are tax-deductible. Gifts can be made to the Center in general, or specifically designated to benefit one of the Center's projects.

Recent fundraisers have focused on:

Haiti Relief
The Center is proud to headquarters for the multicampus UC Haiti Initiative. The Initiative brings together faculty, students, researchers, staff, and alumni committed to helping Haiti rebuild after the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake. The Center is also home to the UCSB Haiti Relief Fund.

Project Excel
Based in Santa Barbara County Schools, Project Excel provides support and mentoring to secondary school students and their families to increase the percentage black and native American students attending the University of California.

Poto Mitan: Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy
The forthcomiing documentary Poto Mitan is a story of struggle, courage, resistance, and democracy. Through powerful, compelling stories/lives of five courageous Haitian women, Poto Mitan will inspire and educate solidarity, global justice, and women's activists around the world and challenge them to think critically about their own work. Each woman's life history will shed light on a particular aspect of the country's current crisis, weaving Haiti's story within her own, something that is often missed by the mainstream and even alternative media. The Center and filmmakers raised enough money last year to meet a generou $10,000 matching grant for the Macy Trust.

Shirley Kennedy: The Life of an Activist
Dr. Shirley Kennedy served as the Center's community liason for many years. Her commitment to social justice in Santa Barbara was influential in creating new opportunities for students of color in our community.
The Center's goal is to distribute this documentary film celebrating Dr. Kennedy's achievements to schools and libraries. Her inspirational story in one that has created ripples of positive change well beyond our campus. The film was selected for a California Stories Grant from the California Council for the Humanities.


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The mission of the Center is to organize, promote and administer interdisciplinary research among faculty and students on the social, political, historical, cultural, and economic experiences of people of African descent.

While the Center encourages a broad range of scholarship, projects encourage in-depth research areas: Haiti, urban studies, and race and technology.