Global Blackness and the Digital Public Sphere

May 19 – 21, 2005


All Events at Corwin Pavilion, on the UCSB campus


2:00-4:00 Opening Panel

E-Rastas: AfroGEEKS and the Afro-Latin Diaspora
Moderator: Celine Shimizu, Department of Asian-American Studies
Kenneth Wyrick "Rasta Software: Open Source Communications"
Daphine Washington "Virtual Communities and the Discourse of Blackness in the Afro-Latin Diaspora"
Alison Fraunhar "Ghost in the Machine: From El Monte to OrishaNet"
Ben Caldwell "Hip Hop La Habana"

4:00-6:00 Break

New Racial Studies Lecture: Danielle Allen "Talking to Strangers: Race and Citizenship"
UCSB Multi Cultural Center


Opening Reception UCSB Corwin Patio


Film Screening: The Last Angel of History

FRIDAY, May 20


Coffee and hospitality


Welcome: Chancellor Henry T. Yang


Keynote: Digitizing the Motherland #1
Moderator: Cynthia Hudley, Education Department
Guy Berger "Modernisation and Africa’s Emerging Engagement with the Information Society"
Patrick Awuah "Ashesi University: Moving the Information Economy Forward in Ghana, Opportunities and Challenges"
Emmanuel Njenga Njuguna "Africa’s Participation at the World Summit on Information Society Process (WSIS)"

11:00 – 12:30

Panel: Decolonizing Black Cyberbodies
Moderator: Chela Sandoval, Chicana/o Studies Department
Elisa Joy White "Asserting Difference: An Examination of Modes in which the Internet is Used to Challenge Monolithic Blackness"
Michael Hanson "I'm a Brotha but sometimes I don't feel Black: Thug-Nerds, Rap-Geeks and the Risky Black Masculine"
Mark Alleyne "'Cyberhate' and the Anti-Racist Ethic

12:30 – 1:30

Lunch Break

1:30 – 3:00

Panel: Emerging Cyber Nationalisms
Moderator: Inci Bilgin, UC Santa Cruz
Mélanie Knight "Cyber Trajectories of Race and Nation: The Making of the Contemporary Black Female Entrepreneur"
Chika Anyanwu "Virtual African Citizenship and Social Mobilisation"
Guisela LaTorre and Jorge Coelho "Decolonial Nation-Building and Cultural Predicaments: Sao Tome et Principe in the Age of Digital Technology"
Llynn Taylor "icAfricaGlobal Media: Developing New Media Solutions for Africa"

3:00 – 4:30

Panel: Rural Connectivities: Networking the African Village
Moderator: Mireille Miller-Young, Center for Black Studies
Jude Akudinobi "Over the Rainbow: Specificity, Digital Technology, and Africa"
Michael Kimbi Joko "The African Cellular Phone Markets: Lessons from the South African Companies Leading the Way"
Frederick Backman "Cutting the Edge: Contextualizing and Demystifying New Media Technologies"


Keynote: Performing Digital Blackness I
Moderator: Tim Cooley, Music
George Lewis "Living with Creative Machines: An Improvisor Reflects"
Disklavier performance


Keynote: Performing Digital Blackness II
Moderator: Duriel E. Harris, Center for Black Studies
Performance: Mendi + Keith Obadike "The Sour Thunder and 4-1-9"



Coffee and hospitality


Introduction, Dean Melvin Oliver


Keynote: Beyond AfroFuturism
Moderator: Christopher McAuley, Black Studies
Floyd Webb "Taking IT to the Bridge: Digital Youth Cultures, African Hip Hop Crews and Social Change"
Alondra Nelson "Theorizing Race and Technology in Visual Culture"
Mark Dery "Beyond Afrofuturism"




Panel: Digital Art at the AfroGEEK Interface
Moderator: Dick Hebdige, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
Ulysses Jenkins "The Nomadics"
Torkwase Dyson "All of Us: Finding new Conditions of knowing in Multiples, through Penmanship and Performance"
Folake Shoga "Reflections on Technology and the Calling Project"


Lunch Break


***AfroDicia Live Broadcast, KPFK***
Nnamdi Moweta


Panel: Geek Speak: Decipherin’ Digital Heiroglyphs
Moderator: Sojourner Kincaid Rolle, Center for Black Studies
Ndesanjo Macha "Decolonizing the African Blogsphere: The Case of Kiswahili"
Jarita C. Holbrook "Cultural Astronomy, Black Physicists, and Total Solar Eclipses"
Skip Ellis "Project NEEM: Technology for Enhancement of Distributed Meetings"
Kumi Rauf "Transparent Techknowledgy"


Panel: Cyber-Griots/Bloggers: Globalizing Blackness in the Digital Public Sphere
Moderator: Lisa Parks, Film Studies
Sheila Petty "(Re)Encoding Race: Black World-Sense in Wayne Dunkley’s 'the degradation and removal of the/a black male'”
Raiford Guins "Black Radical Entertainment Arts: It needs to be in the Game"
Russell Stockard "The Networked Poetry of Time, Space and Connections: Globalization, Glocalization, Community Capital and the Online Black Diaspora"
Kevin Franklin "The Future of Our Pasts"


Keynote: Digitizing the Motherland #2
Moderator: Anna Everett
Anne S. Walker "Women in Africa Using ICT"
Ruth Ojimbo Ochieng "Empowering Women in Situations of armed Conflict through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): Isis-WICCE Approach"
Milton Aineruhanga "Promoting the Use of Information and Communication Technologies to strengthen Ugandan Women's Organizations: The Case of WOUGNET"
Rita Mijumbi-Epodoi "Women in Rural Uganda use ICTs to access Information"



Conference Dinner and Wrap Party at Rocks! Live music, dancing and great food at one of Santa Barbara's hottest downtown clubs.
$30 Additional Fee (Panelists attend free)

Center for Film, Television, and New Media • Media Ownership Conference

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