Ancestral rays

Featured Event ImageAncestral Rays: Journey through Haitian History & Culture
Illustrated with the Works of Hërsza Barjon
Edited by Claudine Michel
Exhibition curated by Ernestine A. Ray

published by the Center for Black Studies

Celebrating an exhibition of Haitian culture at the Old Dillard Museum in 2005, these colorful catalogs showcase the paintings of Hërsza Barjon, accompanied by articles on Haitian cultures and traditions, as well as discussions of Hërsza Barjon's unique artistic vision. delightful introduction to Haitian culture and religion.

# of copies @ $15

Center News

HĂ«rsza Barjon's paintings are featured on Divine Haiti, an online guide to the Vodou pantheon featuring text by Kyrah M. Daniels.

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Contributors include:
Curator Ernestine A. Ray,
Florence Bellande-Robertson,
Patrick Bellegarde-Smith,
LeGrace Benson,
Marc A. Christophe, Kyrah M. Daniels,
Carole Boyce Davies,
Gérard Férère, Woolley Henriquez,
Lilliane Nérette Louis,
Claudine Michel, Paulette Poujol Oriol,
Marlène Racine-Toussaint,
Florienne Saintil, Woje E. Saven.