Featured Event ImageAfroGEEKS: Beyond the Digital Divide (Book & DVD set)

Edited by Anna Everett and Amber Wallace, AfroGEEKS: Beyond the Digital Divide moves in new directions with with a special focus on interrogating information technology adoption and innovation among a demographic rarely considered in the fields of new media and science studies. This work is conceived with the idea of moving readers toward actively encouraging and working for universal and sustainable information technology access in black communities across the globe.

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ContRibutors to AfroGEEKS: Beyond the Digital DIVIDE: Michael Hanson
Elisa Joy White
Fenobia Dallas
George Lewis
Sheila Petty
Raiford Guins
Guisela Latorre
Mark Alleyne
Michele white
R. Michelle Green
Daphine Washington
Chika Anyanwu
Guy Berger
Russell Stockard
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