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Poems by Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

Sojourner Kincaid Rolle is poet, playwright, peacemaker, and community activist. Her poems have been published in six chapbooks, various anthologies, and literary journals. They have also been choreographed for dance presentation and performed as theater. In 2002, she co-wrote with Robert A. Potter “Ayo’s Journey,” a multidimensional theater performance about the transatlantic slave trade, based on an original 12-poem cycle.

In the area of broadcast and print media, Rolle has interviewed cultural artists and activists including James Baldwin, Margaret Walker, Julian Bond, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Quincy Troupe, and June Jordan. In 2008, she was featured in Conversation With Odetta (Lobero Theatre, 2008). Her recount of the event “Remembering Odetta” appears in Lobero Backstage (Spring/Summer 2009). She also co-moderated (with Jude Akudinobi) a conversation with South African musician and cultural icon, Hugh Masekela.

In 2003, Sojourner Kincaid Rolle became Community Outreach Coordinator at the UCSB Center for Black Studies Research, a position held by Dr. Shirley Kennedy from 1996-2003.

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From "A Poem that Ends in Love":
...I claim the drummers
And the singers
The rhythm setters
And the beat keepers
The footstompers
And the handclappers
The signifiers
And the silent criers
Both my grandmothers
And my mother
And Miss Hicks and
Miss Ruffin
I claim the Slab Town
Arriving on the Pea Vine Line
I claim Paul Robeson
And James Weldon Johnson
I claim Paul Laurence Dunbar
I claim Langston Hughes
I claim Maya
And Gwendolyn
And Lucille
And Sonia
I’m claiming the fact
And the fiction...