Featured Event ImageBrassage:
Une Anthologie Poétique de Femmes Haïtiennes
An Anthology of Poems by Haitian Women
Yon Rekeil Poem Fanm Ayitien

Brassage includes a large array of Haitian women poets, ranging from academics to political organizers, activists, artists, business women, physicians, lawyers, and young students—from our early sister-poets writing almost exclusively in French to the newer generations writing in French, Spanish, English and Haiti’s national language, Kreyol.
Contemporary spoken-word sister-activists are making themselves heard in Haiti and in the Diaspora. Brassage is proud to present the voices of all these talented sister-poets, experienced or new. Edited by Claudine Michel, Marlène Racine-Toussaint and Florence Bellande-Robertson. Forward by Chryss Yost.

# of copies @ $20

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Journal of Haitian Studies Volume 13.2 now available

CALL FOR PAPERS: Kalfou, a new ethnic studies journal is accepting submissions

Poto Mitan receives $10,000 matching grant from Macy Trust

Dr. Charles Long presents annual Shirley Kennedy Lecture

Professor Sylvester Ogbechie serves as Center's Acting Director for Winter 2008

Next Haitian Studies Conference scheduled in Haiti

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Featured Poets:
Cécile Accilien
Marie Célie Agnant
Marie-Thérèse Morpeau Archer
Margaret Mitchell Armand
Regine Kansky Armand
Hërsza L. Barjon
Maryse (Mouchka) Garescher Bayard
Frida (Dady) Beaulieu-Bawa
Marie-France Beaulieu
Florence Bellande-Robertson
Maud Brierre
Evelyne Ducheine Cartright
Nadege Clitandre
Kyrah Daniels
Mireille Sylvain David
Chloé De Coster
Margareth (maggy) Lizaire De Coster
Mèsedès (Deita) F. Giya
Carol Lalanne De Lynch
Marie-Therese (Marithou)Latortue Dupoux
Ghislaine Gauthier
Laurence Françoise Géhy
Danielle Legros Georges
Regine Henrys
Maud Heurtelou
Claude Margary Jean
Jennifer Jean-Jacques
Carole Jean-Murat
Rachel Jeanty
Fabienne Sylvia Josaphat
Michaële Lafontant-Médard
Lyssa Laraque
Yvette Israel Leroy-Wanègès
Tamara Magloire
Daniele Mangones
Anne-Marie Wah Mathurin
Paulette Poujol-Oriol
Marie Jose Lhérisson Racine
Sarah Sassine Sada
Marie-José Alcide Saint-Lot
Ninette Faublas Sajous
Mona Salgado
Jacqueline Scott
Elsie Suréna
Janine Tavernier
Marie-Alice Théard
Marlene (Maratou) Racine Toussaint
Samayah-Marie Toussaint
Gina Ulysse
Katia Ulysse
Edith Wainwright
Kiera Wallace
Ginette Weiner-De la Mure
Jacqueline Wiener
Marie Letitia Woolley
Clorinde Zephir