Book Review Guidelines

** Kalfou does NOT accept unsolicited book reviews. **
If you would like to propose a book review, please send us a proposal at kalfou@cbs.ucsb.edu. Your proposal should include:

- the title, author/editor, and date of publication of the book(s) you propose to review;
- how you believe the book relates to the academic, artistic, or activist mission of Kalfou;
- your qualifications to review the book (a full CV may be included but is not required), as well as disclosure of any real or perceived conflicts of interest that would make you an inappropriate choice to review the book; and
- two examples of other book reviews you have written.

Writing the Review

  • Briefly summarize the book(s), including the range and nature of its content, its main purpose or theme, the methods or devices the author employs to achieve the purpose or develop the theme, and its conclusions.
  • Evaluate as well as describe.
  • Explain how the book relates and compares to other work on the subject and what it contributes to the discourse on its topic.
  • Note the extent to which the author addresses appropriate issues of race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and gender.
  • Assess practical applications, such as teaching, creative endeavor, and activism.
  • Avoid quoting long passages from the book you are reviewing. Paraphrase when possible.
  • Use language and style accessible to a diverse international readership, avoiding jargon, technical terms, and references to texts that would be unfamiliar to those outside specific disciplines.
  • Avoid using references and footnotes. If a quotation from another work is absolutely necessary, please incorporate the reference into the text.

Formatting and Submission Requirements

  • The review should be 1000-1250 words in length. Individual reviews and review essays (especially on clusters of books) may be longer, subject to the discretion of the editors. Please include word count at the top of the first page.
  • The heading for the review should include all the following elements:
    Title by/edited by author(s)/editor(s).
    City, state: publisher’s name, year of publication (as shown on title or back of title page).
    Number of pages (last printed page number).
    Hardcover or paper, price.

  • If you are working from a publisher’s review copy, the publisher’s letter usually contains all of this information if you cannot find it on the book.

    For example:

    The Shifting Grounds of Race: Black and Japanese Americans in the Making of Multiethnic Los Angeles by Scott Kurashige. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2007. 362 pp. Hardcover, $32.00.

  • Reviews should be double-spaced and submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment by e-mail to kalfou@cbs.ucsb.edu

Kalfou’s Commitment

• We reserve the right to edit reviews for style, conciseness, and consistency.
• We will send you a copy of the issue of Kalfou that contains your book review, along with a PDF version of your review.
• Two copies of your book review will be sent to the publishers of the book.
• You may keep the book(s) you review.

Download the Book Review Guidelines for Kalfou in PDF format.





June 2014—
Kalfou has launched with temple university press!

Since the journal's inception in 2010, the Center for Black Studies Research has worked to increase Kalfou's visibility and reach by building a partnership with an academic press. While the journal's editorial home remains at UCSB, we are thrilled to have Temple's assistance with its publication and distribution.



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