Kalfou (meaning "intersections" or "crossroads") is a new journal focused on social movements, social institutions, and social relations. We aim to build links between intellectuals, artists, and activists, in the social sciences and humanities, to promote the development of ethnic studies scholarship, and to disseminate the specialized knowledge produced within academe to a broader public. The editors are primarily interested in inviting articles focusing on ontologies, epistemologies, archives, and imaginaries of communities of color. Although we are collectively concerned with advocating for multicultural reconciliation, the project of the journal is to do so by addressing the asymmetries of power that make such reconciliation necessary.

Kalfou thus invites articles about the distribution of opportunities and life chances of aggrieved communities of color in the past, present, and future, about the roles played by the state, capital, and social structures in promoting and suppressing social justice, and about the struggles, problems, programs, dreams, and hopes of such communities. We especially seek articles that explore what Ruth Wilson Gilmore describes as “fatal couplings of power and difference” and articles about activist, artistic, political, and intellectual struggles for resources, rights, and recognition by communities of color.

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June 2014—
Kalfou has launched with temple university press!

Since the journal's inception in 2010, the Center for Black Studies Research has worked to increase Kalfou's visibility and reach by building a partnership with an academic press. While the journal's editorial home remains at UCSB, we are thrilled to have Temple's assistance with its publication and distribution.



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