Through its publishing venture the Center aims to:

o Serve as a source of intellectual stimulus for those connected with the Center at UCSB now and in the future;

o Become a clearinghouse for ideas and provide a forum for both experienced and new authors from the Black community and other progressive groups;

o Convey a sense of intellectual urgency which questions existing assumptions and ideas;

o Demonstrate an aggressive approach towards the existing literature and promote works that deal not only with past historical and cultural matters but with the real issues of the day;

o Expose the gaps and limitations of the existing literature;

o Question the existing framework of discussion and encourage debate across discipline and across geographic regions;

o Discourage the use of academic jargon while insisting on clarity and precision;

o Create a climate wherein the discussion is not just simply about Black issues, but about American society and societies around the world as well;

o Offer ideas and recommendations which may positively impact public policies;

o Publish an intellectual forum that transcends the limitations of existing journals on Black issues by maintaining a high standard of discussion and debate.

It is against this background that the Center for Black Studies has launched a number of publishing ventures.

(see Summary of Research Highlights to view our different publication projects)


(here please LINK with book covers for (1)--Black Studies: Current Issues, Enduring Questions (2) Centering Black Studies (3) Journal of Haitian Studies and (4) invitation for Gerald Horne.- once done, delete this note-only the link to the publications is needed).