Participants - Staff and Advisory Board

2001-2002 Administrative Staff

Douglas Daniels,
Acting Director and Professor, Departments of Black Studies and History

Jacqueline Bobo,
Associate Director, Chair and Professor, Women's Studies Program and Department of Black Studies

Mahsheed Ayoub, Business Officer

Irene Jones, Publications Manager


2001 - 2002 Dissertation Fellows

Boulou E. de B'beri

Mr. de B'beri completed his BA in Film Studies, with a major in Film Production at the University of Montreal in Québec and also completed his MA in 1998 with a specialization in African Cinemas. As a doctoral student in Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montréal, his research focused on discourse analysis of intercultural communication. His completed dissertation is titled Africanity: A trans-Geographical Ideation of Identity in Black Cinemas.

Suzette Spencer

Ms. Spencer completed her BA and MA at Clark Atlanta University. She began her doctoral research at Temple University and continued in the doctoral program at UC Berkeley in the African Diaspora Studies Program. She also completed her dissertation while in residence, entitled Stealing Away: African Diaspora Maroon Poetics. Ms. Spencer received a Vice Provost's Post-doctoral Fellowship from Cornell University, where she presently resides.


2001- 2002 Advisory Board

James Smith, Professor Emeritus, Departments of Art Studio & Black Studies (Advisory Committee Chair);

Jacqueline Bobo, (ex-officio) Chair and Professor, Department of Black Studies and Women's Studies Program

Michael Brown, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

Reginald Daniel, Sociology, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Douglas Daniels, (ex-officio) Acting Director, Professor, Departments of History & Black Studies

Richard Flacks, Professor, Department of Sociology

Shirley Kennedy, (ex-officio) Lecturer, Department of Black Studies

Anita Mackey, Community Member

Candace Waid, Associate Professor, Department of English

Joan Walker-Scott, Director, Education Program for Culture Awareness

Michael Young, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Xiaojian Zhao, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies

Students employed at the Center for Black Studies 2001 - 2002: Undergraduates -- Dora Morse, Morenike Dosu Selena Gonzales, and Lawayne Williams, Graduate -- Nicole Williams.