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1999 Report Index

Director's Statement 
Organizational Chart 

Summary of Research Highlights 

Other Projects and Activities 



Statistical Summary 

Staff/Advisory Board 

Other Participants 




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1998-1999 Administrative Staff

Claudine Michel,  Acting Director; Associate Professor, Department of Black Studies

Jacqueline Bobo, Associate Director (beginning 10/1/98); Chair and Associate Professor, Women’s Studies Program

Eula Fairgood, Business Officer

Nancy Greene, Assistant to the Director (through 1/8/99)

Jeanne Martin, Assistant to the Director (2/23/99-6/30/99)

1998-1999 Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Damita Brown, doctoral candidate, UC Santa Cruz,  History of Consciousness Program

Catherine Squires, doctoral candidate, Northwestern University, Department of Communication Studies

1998-1999 Advisory Board

            In keeping with the UC Office of the President policy for Organized Research Units (ORUs), the Director of the Center for Black Studies shall be aided by a standing Advisory Committee, chaired by a faculty member other than the Director. The Committee participates actively in setting the Center’s goals and in critically evaluating its effectiveness on a continuing basis.

            The 1998-99 Advisory Board Committee is composed of UCSB faculty members and one local community member. Last year we attempted to have more community members on the Board, but were not successful due to scheduling conflicts. The Center has been extremely fortunate in having so many very committed and supportive individuals on its Advisory Board.


Michael Brown, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education (Chair)

Jacqueline Bobo, ex-officio, CBS and Women’s Studies, Associate Professor, Women’s Studies Program

Phyllis Brady, Director, Student Diversity, Outreach & Academic Enrichment, College of Engineering

Sylvia Curtis, Black Studies and Dance Librarian, Davidson Library

Reginald Daniels, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Martha Davis, Assistant Professor, Department of Black Studies

Anna Everett, Assistant Professor, Department of Film Studies

Giles Gunn, Professor, Department of English

Richard Flacks, Professor, Department of Sociology

Barbara Harthorn, Director, Social Science Research Development, Office of Research

Shirley Kennedy, Lecturer, Department of Black Studies

Chris McAuley, Assistant Professor, Department of Black Studies

Claudine Michel, ex-officio, CBS, Associate  Professor, Department of Black Studies

Gerard Pigeon, ex-officio, Acting Chair, Department of Black Studies

Cedric Robinson, Professor, Department of Black Studies

James Smith, Professor Emeritus, Departments of Art Studio and Black Studies

Regina Smith, Director, Academic Advancement  Services, Educational Opportunity Program

Earl Stewart, Associate Professor, Department of Black Studies


Ms. Anita Mackey, Santa Barbara resident, retired social worker, Center for Black Studies Advisory Board member since the inception of the program.