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  Professor Cedric Robinson

Among the empirical questions to be researched are: 

  • An accurate list of films: where, when, and by whom were they made?
  • Who were the Black filmmakers and the makers of Black-focused films?
  • What were the differences between Black Film and Black-focused films?
  • What were the occupational and regional origins of Black filmmakers?
  • What were the roles of theatrical groups, theaters-owners in silent film production?
  • Where were these films exhibited and who organized exhibition circuits? 

Some of the analytical issues to be examined are: 

  • What were the narrative, thematic, and subjects-matter of these films?
  • What were the influences of gender, class and race conflict on these films?
  • What marketing and technical impact did big studio productions have on Black filmmakers?
  • What were audience reactions to these films?
  • What was the critical reaction to these films?
  • Were Black films political or merely entertainment?