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Conflict of Interest


COI Notification 20120816

For more information, please refer to the PHS final rule or the Summary of Major Changes.


A conflict of interest as it relates to research is a situation where an investigator's outside financial interest(s) or obligation(s) bias or have the potential to bias a research project. The Office of Research requires that all potential conflicts be identified and reviewed by the Conflict of Interest Committee so they may be managed appropriately.

Conflict of Interest Committee Meetings

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month.  The submittal deadline for positive disclosures is 9 working days prior to the meeting.


Click here for all conflict of interest forms




Any Investigator who has responsibility for the design, conduct, or reporting of a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Public Health Service (including NIH) and certain other agencies must disclose all Significant Financial Interests of the Investigator and his or her spouse and dependent children that may be related to or affected by the sponsored project.

Investigators should submit a completed and signed disclosure form, provide a written description of why the disclosed interest is or is not related to the proposed project, a budget by year for the proposed project, a brief and clear description of the work to be performed, and if the disclosed interest is related to the proposed project, provide a completed and signed addendum (700-UA/800-UA/900-UA).

Investigators with NSF funding are required to fill out the 800-U form at time of proposal, and those with NIH/PHS funding are required to fill out the 900-U and 900-UP forms at time of proposal. For further details, please see the Sponsored Projects COI guide.



All research employees of the University of California, Santa Barbara are required to take conflict of interest (COI) training once every four years.  Each researcher will receive email notification from the HR department, which includes a unique link to the Compliance and Conflict of Interest for Researchers Briefing.  This briefing satisfies the COI training requirement recently imposed by the Public Health Services (PHS), including the NIH, for proposals submitted and awards (continuing projects) issued on or after August 24, 2012.  If you did not receive an email with a link to the training, 1) login to the LMS system and search for the COI training, or 2) contact LMS to request your unique link, or 3) contact the COI Coordinator at

Principle Investigators with PHS funding are required to identify any person identified as Senior or Key personnel, and others who direct or can materially influence the research, or who are responsible for the design, conduct, and reporting of such research.   The PI should identify these investigators on form 900-UP and certify that they have received COI training.

*In the event that an investigator is not on the UCSB payroll and not automatically enrolled in the COI training, please contact Bruce Hanley for further instructions.

Subrecipient Training

Subrecipient personnel, meeting the definition of investigator, who’s Institution does not have its own PHS compliant COI policy, are required to take the training module provided by NIH.  Training must be completed before engaging in any research related to PHS funded awards and once every four years.  Once the training has been completed send a copy of the training certificate of completion along with the Subrecipient Commitment Form to your designated departmental point of contact at UCSB.

If you have questions, please contact the COI team at

Bruce Hanley
Research Integrity Director
(805) 893-5292

Brian McCurdy
Research Conflict of Interest Coordinator
(805) 893-4188

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