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Travel Related Advisories

What Can You Take with You Overseas?

Under the license exception for temporary export (TMP) you can take usual and reasonable kinds and quantities of tools of trade (commodities and software) for use by you or your employees in a lawful enterprise. The tools of trade must remain under your effective control or your employee's (you or your employee must retain physical possession of the item, lock it in a hotel safe, or have it guarded). Encryption commodities and software may be pre-loaded on a laptop, handheld device or other computer or equipment. All tools of trade may accompany you departing from the U.S. or may be shipped unaccompanied within one month before your departure from the U.S., or at any time after departure. All commodities and software must, if not consumed or destroyed in the normal course of authorized temporary use abroad, be returned as soon as practicable, but no later than one year after the date of export. No tools of trade may be taken to embargoed countries. For a current list of embargoed countries, go to The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Regulations. For additional information regarding the TMP "Tools of Trade" License Exception, reference 15 CFR Part 740.9(a)(2)(i).

Travel to Embargoed Countries

Do not travel to conduct research or educational activities to embargoed countries without first checking with export control in the Office of Research to secure a license from the Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control. Please refer to OFAC's Sanctions Program and Country Summaries for the most current list.

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