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Stem Cell Research

The Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) committee oversees human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research and other stem cell research covered by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) regulations in order to ensure that UCSB research meets scientific and ethical standards. ESCRO may also review the use of any human stem cells not covered by NIH and CIRM, at its discretion, in order to ensure UCSB research meets scientific and ethical standards.

Stem Cell Use Approval

To obtain approval for the use of stem cells in your research, complete the Stem Cell Research Application Form and any additional forms or approvals as stipulated below and return to the ESCRO committee c/o Melodie Blakemore at

The ESCRO Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month. All applications must be received by Melodie Blakemore, ESCRO Coordinator (, no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting.

ESCRO has the authority to approve, require modifications in a protocol in order to approve, or disapprove submitted research. ESCRO will notify investigators in writing of its decision. An ESCRO decision to require modifications or disapprove a submission will include a written statement to the investigator of the reasons for its decision and give the investigator an opportunity to respond in writing and if requested, in-person. UCSB researchers shall not use any stem cells which require ESCRO approval unless and until ESCRO has approved the applicable protocol.

Review and Modifications

ESCRO will review on-going research at a minimum of once every year. All projects will need to complete the Stem Proposal Renewal Form annually.

All modifications to approved protocols must be submitted prospectively to the ESCRO. No modifications may be implemented without prospective review and approval by the ESCRO and other applicable committees. If your project title changes, but the procedures stay the same, submit the Change of Title Form to the ESCRO committee c/o Melodie Blakemore at





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