This is a Limited Submission funding opportunity. Please follow the campus procedure outlined below
Title:  Mid-Scale Innovations Program in Astronomical Sciences (MSIP) - Limited Submission
Agency:  National Science Foundation
Eligibility:  A single organization may submit a maximum of three preliminary proposals as the lead institution. Full proposals are to be submitted only when invited by NSF, and no more than two invitations will be issued to a single organization. There is no limit to participation as a partner institution.
Campus Procedure:  Interested investigators must submit a notice of intent to Kelly Pillsbury at by Thursday, September 21, at 5 p.m. The notice should include: • PI Name • Collaborators • Short description (no more than 1 paragraph). If more than one potential project is identified, pre-proposals will be requested and a review process will be developed. Please contact Meredith Murr, ext. 3925 or with any questions about the program or campus process.
Summary:  This program is designed to fill the need for a well-defined budgetary and competitive selection process to support astronomical projects of intermediate to large cost (but below the MREFC threshold). This solicitation fills part of the mid-scale gap, from $4M to $30M. (The current budget does not allow individual project costs greater than $30M.) The demand in this funding range covers a wide variety of activities, from highly focused short-term science experiments to long-term multi-use facilities. Other opportunities for support include major new instruments for existing telescopes, and design and development programs for possible future mid-scale and MREFC initiatives. In order to organize this diverse range of project type and cost for strategic evaluation and review, the MSIP competition will be divided into the following four categories: 1) Mid-Scale Science Projects; 2) Mid-Scale Facilities; 3) Development Investments; 4) Open Access Capabilities.
Solicitation Number:  NSF 17-592
Agency Contact:  Richard Barvainis, 703/292-4891,
Area(s):  MLPS
Selected Team(s):  
Notes:  OR has not received any notices of intent. Contact if you are interested in submitting.