This is a Limited Submission funding opportunity. Please follow the campus procedure outlined below
Title:  Towards a Leadership-Class Computing Facility - Phase 1 - Limited Submission
Agency:  National Science Foundation
Eligibility:  An organization may submit only one proposal but may be identified as sub-awardee on other proposals responding to this solicitation.
Campus Procedure:  Interested investigators must submit a notice of intent to by Thursday, June 15th at 5 p.m. The notice should include: • PI Name • Names of co-Pis or collaborators • Brief description of the proposed project (no more than one paragraph). If more than one potential project is identified, pre-proposals will be requested and a review process will be developed. Please contact Meredith Murr, ( with any questions, about the program or campus process.
Summary:  NSF invites proposals for the acquisition and deployment of a High Performance Computing (HPC) system, called the Phase 1 system, with the option of a possible future upgrade to a leadership-class computing facility. The Phase 1 system will serve two important and complementary purposes: 1) It will serve as a robust, well-balanced, and forward-looking computational asset for a broad range of research topics for which advances in fundamental understanding require the most extreme computational and data analysis capabilities; and 2) It will serve as an evaluation platform for testing and demonstrating the feasibility of an upgrade to a leadership-class facility five years following deployment. A total of $60M in FY 2018 will be used to fund one award, subject to the availability of funds. At least 95% of the proposal amount should be for the system acquisition cost.
Solicitation Number:  NSF 17-558
Agency Contact:  Edward Walker, 703/292-4863,
Area(s):  Eng, MLPS
Selected Team(s):  
Notes:  OR has not received any notices of intent. Contact if you are interested in submitting.