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Information about Cayuse 424

Cayuse 424 is a web-based software package, also known as “Software as a Service" that is designed to simplify the preparation and electronic submission of proposals, especially those headed toward and Research.Gov.  To current users this software is considered to be TurboTax for proposal preparation.  It is already being used at Wisconsin, Ohio State, Texas, Oregon State, Caltech, Georgia Tech, UCLA, UCSF, and others. UCSD is adopting it, and UCR is piloting it.


Here is a YouTube video showing the Cayuse 424 Top Features:


For more information about Cayuse 424 please visit their website at:

For questions/comments about Cayuse to the Sponsored Projects Team please send your email to

Helpful Tips:

*Naming convention:


*Bulk Load FAQ's and tips:

***Do not hide or delete any columns in the spreadsheet that was sent out.

You can delete the examples that we entered in the template that was sent out.  They are just there for reference.

USERNAME: You have to use the UCSBNetID as the username.

You do not need to enter a password. The password to be used is the users UCSBNetID password.

You need to use the actual UCSB Employee ID numbers in Column S. Cayuse needs a unique number for each person entered.  These numbers are in the bulk load, but they will not be visible or editable from any place within Cayuse once the information is uploaded.

You do not need to upload all of your faculty at this time.  You can enter PI's into Cayuse individually at a later date.  And a future bulk load can also be done.

*Please sign up for the Cayuse listserv here: Cayuse listserv sign up.  The listserv will keep you posted on upcoming webinars and helpful tips.

*Proposal Setup: 10 Quick Tips

*NIH specific tips:

-When entering the PI username/credential, you must ensure it is correct.  If it is not, this will cause an error.  Cayuse cannot validate for the correctness of the user name, just that the field has been filled.


Cayuse Listserv updates:

Please sign up for the listserv to receive this information directly: Join the Cayuse 424 Users Listserv!



Dear Cayuse 424 Customers,


This weekend’s upgrade was a success and everyone seems to be enjoying the new Proposals List functionality! However, some users are experiencing an issue where the PHS398 Research Plan appears to be blank.  This is not a cause for concern, as the issue can be quickly resolved by clearing your browser's cache.  None of the information in your proposal has been altered. Instructions for clearing your cache can be found here, or we are happy to walk you through it over the phone.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Your Cayuse 424 Experts,

Desiree & Evisions, Inc.


Training Webinars:

These webinars are held regularly.  Sign up for the Cayuse listserv and you will receive the notifications directly.

Getting Started with Cayuse 424 – An overview of basic Cayuse 424 functionality

Detailed Budgeting in Cayuse 424
– Tools and tips for building the RR Budget

Developing, Importing, Exporting and Managing Subcontracts in Cayuse 424 - A subaward-specific webinar

* Windows Media Player is required to view the recordings.  If prompted to install a video codec, please see:


Training Modules:

Module 1: Desktop readiness

Module 2: Intro to Cayuse424

Module 3: Professional Profiles

Module 4: Funding Opportunities

Module 5: Proposal Creation

Module 6: Proposal Basics

Module 7: Proposal Budgets


UCSB Cayuse FAQ’s

Please review the Cayuse Procedures Handbook as it may answer your questions.

If your question is not listed, see if it is answered on the Cayuse FAQ list:

*NSF specific tips: We currently are advising departments not to use Cayuse for NSF proposal submissions.

*NIH specific tips:

-Check the NIH Opt-Out list if you have a special FOA that does not follow the standard NIH validations.  If your FOA is on this list, it is a safe time and the only time in which you can set your Validation to "NIH-Opt Ot" and the standard errors and warnings will not be listed.

-When entering the PI username/credential, you must ensure it is correct.  If it is not, this will cause an error.  Cayuse cannot validate for the correctness of the user name, just that the field has been filled.

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