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Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Research Statistics

UC Santa Barbara Sponsored Projects Statistics FY 2013-2014

Research at a Glance 2014

The total funding awarded to sponsored projects in Fiscal Year 2014 is $209 million.


UC Santa Barbara received $162.6 million in direct and indirect federal funding.


Sponsored Project Award Totals 2014

Awards in the "Indirect Federal" category were given initially to another institution for a multi-institution project, then flowed through for work performed at UCSB. Of the $24.9M in indirect federal flow through, non-profit sponsors provided $1.4M; industry, $4.6M; state & local government, $.3M; higher education, $10.9M and UC, $7.7M. 78% of the total sponsored project funding originates with the federal government.

Direct federal funding amounts to about 66% of campus extramural total in 2013-14. The National Science Foundation provided more funding to UCSB—$50.3 million—than did any other agency.

Awards by Home


Tabulated Data
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