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Data provided by Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Ameeriar, L. (Asian American Studies), Institute For Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $31,500, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, “Downwardly Global: Recolonizing Immigrant Bodies in the Age of Multiculturalism.”

Archuleta, R.J. (Earth Science), Simms, A. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $23,200, University of Southern California, “SCEC4 Participation, Project L: Collaborative Research: Documentation of Tsunami Deposits in the Carpinteria and Goleta Slough Estuaries: A signal of Great Earthquakes on the Pitas Point Thrust.”

Bamieh, B.A., Mechanical Engineering, $485,318, National Science Foundation, “Structured Uncertainty in Large-Scale and Distributed Systems: A Unified Network/Continuum Approach.”

Bamieh, B.A., Mechanical Engineering, $300,000, National Science Foundation, “Control of ThermoAcoustic Phenomena with Applications to Novel Energy Conversion Devices.”

Barany, D.A., Grafton, S.T., Psychological & Brain Sciences, $1,000, Sigma XI, The Scientific Research Society, “Representations of Goal and Direction in Goal-Directed Movements.”

Bowers, J.E., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $122,120, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, “Hybrid Silicon Photonics for Next-generation Optical Access.”

Bowers, J.E., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $183,000, National Science Foundation, “Collaborative Research: Hybrid organic-inorganic thermoelectric materials.”

Brzezinski, M.A. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $147,455, National Science Foundation, “UC Santa Barbara Marine Laboratory SCUBA Compressor Improvement.”

Bueno Cachadina, M.I., Bartlett, P.J., Mathematics, $352,000, National Science Foundation, “REU Site: UCSB Mathematics Summer Research Program for Undergraduates.”

Bultan, T., Computer Science, $499,888, National Science Foundation, “SHF: Small: Data Model Verification for Web Applications.”

Chabinyc, M., Materials, $364,446, National Science Foundation, “Thermopower in Organic Molecular Solids.”

Davis, F.W. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Marine Science Institute (NCEAS), $250,000, Nature Conservancy, “Science and Nature for People - TNC.”

Dudley, T.L., Marine Science Institute, $1,496, UC MEXUS, “Riparian restoration and invasive species control in the Lower Colorado River of northern Mexico.”

Feliciano, E., Student Health Service, $3,000, Santa Barbara County, “Tobacco Cessation for Special Populations.”

Fisher, M., Physics, $435,000, National Science Foundation, “Quantum Entanglement in Many_Body Systems.”

Fumerton, M.P. (English), Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, $300,000, National Endowment for the Humanities, “The English Broadside Ballad Archive: Broadside Ballads from the Houghton Library, Harvard university.”

Gamble, L. (Anthropology), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $16,528, National Geographic Society, “Shell Mounds, Households, and Emergent Sociopolitical Complexity among Hunter/Gatherers: El Monton, Santa Cruz Island.”

Johnson, L.V., Neuroscience Research Institute, $45,000, UC Riverside, “Development of low-molecular mass biomarkers of complement activation and testing in a macular degeneration model.”

Lenihan, H.S. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Urbisci, L.C. (Earth Research Institute), Marine Science Institute, $96,249, UC Sea Grant College Program, “Developing a new ecosystem-based management approach: using ecosystem models to calculate a better estimate of population scale for single-species models.”

Leonardi, P.M., Technology Management Program, $413,796, National Science Foundation, “III: Large: Collaborative Research: Achieving Development Goals with Information Technology.”

Levi, C.G., Materials, $480,000, Office Of Naval Research (ONR), “Dynamics of CMAS-Coating Interactions and Implications for Gas Turbine Technology.”

Ludkovski, M., Statistics & Applied Probability, $19,900, National Science Foundation, “Conference on Stochastic Asymptotics & Applications joint with The Sixth Western Conference on Mathematical Finance.”

Maar, H.R. (History), Lichtenstein, N.N. (History), Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, $18,000, UC San Diego, “The Challenge of Peace: The Reagan Administration, Public Opinion, and the Movement to Freeze the Arms Race.”

McCauley, D. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $24,350, National Geographic Society, “Cross-ecosystem linkages created by the common hippopotamus revealed using satellite tracking.”

Mezic, I., Mechanical Engineering, $936,625, University Of Missouri System (Columbia/Kansas City/Rolla/St.Louis), “New Theoretical and Experimental Methods for Predicting Fundamental Mechanisms of Complex Chemical Processes.”

Mishra, U.K., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $200,000, Office Of Naval Research (ONR), “N-polar AlGaInN/GaN HEMTs using deep recess technologies to mitigate dispersion without field plates and AlGaN gate capping structures to enhance breakdown.”

Moskovits, M. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $50,000, UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee, “Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) for the detection of canine lower urinary tract neoplasia.”

Pincus, P.A., Physics, $20,334, Oak Ridge National Lab, “Prof. Philip Pincus, Soft Matter Council.”

Plaxco, K.W., Chemistry & Biochemistry, $1,384,393, National Institute of Health, “A new approach to quantitative, point-of-care serology.”

Pollock, T., Materials, $433,766, Office Of Naval Research (ONR), “Robust Multilayered Materials for High Temperature Environments.”

Quirk, M. (Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology), Felix, E. (Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology), Gevirtz Research Institute, $31,958, Santa Barbara County Education Office, “Evaluation of THRIVE Santa Barbara County Services.”

Ross, R. (Art Studio), Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, $25,000, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, “Juvie Talk.”

Safinya, C.R., Materials, $480,000, National Science Foundation, “Biomolecular Materials:  Structure, Phase Behavior and Interactions.”

Schimel, J.P. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Earth Research Institute, $704,320, National Science Foundation, “Does E. vaginatum take up organic N?”

Schooler, J., Psychological & Brain Sciences, $418,512, John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust, “Deciphering the Decline Effect: A Prospective Multi-Laboratory Replication Study.”

Schreiber, K.J. (Anthropology), Kerchusky, S.L. (Anthropology), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $25,006, National Science Foundation, “Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Local Socioeconomic and Political Development in a Context of Imperial Expansion, Nasca-Wari Interactions at the site of Zorropa, Peru.”

Segalman, R., Chemical Engineering, $278,245, National Science Foundation, “Crystalline Conjugated Block Copolymer Self-Assembly.”

Seshadri, R. (Materials), Materials Research Laboratory, $440,000, National Science Foundation, “Functional Complex Palladium Oxides.”

Siegel, D.A. (Geography), Earth Research Institute, $840,001, NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC), “Plumes and Blooms: A Multi-Decadal Coastal Bio-Optical Time-series and Retrospective Data Analysis.”

Simms, A. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $19,508, USDI Geological Survey, “Geologic Controls on Karst in Western Oklahoma.”

Squires, T., Chemical Engineering, $150,000, Aramco Services Company, “Gradient-Harvesting Agents and Autonomous Reservoir Agents.”

Stemmer, S., Balents, L. (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics), Materials, $1,500,000, Army Research(AROD), “Quantum Critical Behavior in Oxide Structures.”

Tessaro, S.M., Computer Science, $498,751, National Science Foundation, “TWC: Small: Better Security for Efficient Secret-Key Cryptography.”

Valentine, M.T. (Mechanical Engineering), California Nanosystems Institute, $380,000, National Science Foundation, “Design of tough resilient gels using adhesive rigid-rod polymers.”

Valentine, D.L. (Earth Science), Marine Science Institute, $231,724, University Of Rochester, “Investigating the Chemical and Isotopic Kinetics of Aerobic Methane Oxidation.”

Van der Ven, A., Materials, $300,000, National Science Foundation, “Elucidating the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of high temperature materials with first-principles statistical mechanics.”

Weld, D. (Physics), California Nanosystems Institute, $586,300, Office Of Naval Research (ONR), “Quasiperiodicity, Interactions, and Topology in Tunable Quantum Materials.”

Yang, X., Mathematics, $293,266, National Science Foundation, “Kinetic approaches for multi-scale problems in quantum chemistry and seismology.”

Young, H.S. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $13,980, National Geographic Society, “Impacts of fishing on facilitated foraging of seabirds in the Central Tropical Forest.”

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