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May 2015 Contract and Grant Awards

Data provided by Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Allen, J. (Physics), Hauser, A., California Nanosystems Institute, $50,000, Army, “Dielectric Sensing of Toxic and Explosive Chemicals via Impedance Spectroscopy and Plasmonic Resonance.”

Bazan, G.C. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Center for Polymers & Organic Solids, $24,000, Army Research Laboratory, “Technical Meeting of Biological Electron Transport.”

Billeci Hajda, C., Arts & Lectures, $25,000, National Endowment for the Arts, “UCSB Arts & Lectures: Innovative Works.”

Brown, F.L., Chemistry & Biochemistry, $600,000, National Science Foundation, “Theoretical methods in chemistry and biophysics.”

Buckwalter, J., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $288,306, National Science Foundation, “CAREER: Reconfigurable Traveling Wave Silicon Integrated Circuits for Millimeter-Wave Testing.”

Bullo, F., Mechanical Engineering, $450,000, Office Of Scientific Research, “Stochastic Surveillance and Distributed Coordination.”

Carvalho, L., Cannon, F.G., Geography, $30,000, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, “Western Himalaya Climate Variability: the Recent Trends in Large-scale Circulation and Local Precipitation Impacts.”

Chandrasekaran, S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $40,000, Toyon Research Corporation, “System for Mobile Cloud High Density Robus Analytics (MC-HiDRA).”

Goulias, K.G., Geography, $115,250, UC Transportation Center (Berkeley), “UCTC (State): Business Establishment Survival and Transportation System Level of Service.”

Goulias, K.G., Geography, $84,094, UC Transportation Center (Berkeley), “UCTC (State): Spatial Transferability Using Synthetic Population Generation Methods.”

Goulias, K.G., Geography, $128,050, UC Berkeley, “UCConnect (State): Combining California Household Travel Survey data with harvested social media information to form a self-validating statewide origin-destination travel prediction method.”

Halpin, P.M., Marine Science Institute, $30,389, National Science Foundation, “RUI Collaboratvie Research: Spatial Realism in the Mussel Bed Disturbance Paradigm.”

Heeger, A.J. (Physics), California Nanosystems Institute, $156,832, Biosolar, “Bio-Inspired Redox-Active-Polyelectrolytes (RPE).”

Jackson, M., Earth Research Institute, $15,143, American Samoa Power Authority, “A preliminary geochemical characterization of lavas from a 600 meter drill core in Tutuila, American Samoa.”

Lamon, S.E. (Anthropology), Palerm, J. (Anthropology), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $12,000, UC MEXUS, “From the Far South to the North: The New International Migration of Indigenous Mexicans to the United States.”

Leonardi, P.M., Technology Management Program, $136,284, National Science Foundation, “HCC: Large: Collaborative Research: Information Technology, Remote Socialization, and the Development of Occupational Identity.”

Leonardi, P.M., Technology Management Program, $276,624, National Science Foundation, “CAREER: The Role of Advanced Simulation Technologies in Innovation Processes.”

Leonardi, P.M., Technology Management Program, $202,387, National Science Foundation, “VOSS: Team Emerging from the Crowd: Virtual Team Structure as a Predictor of Idea Goodness in Online Innovation Communities.”

McCray, P.P. (History), Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, $88,099, Smithsonian, “Building Collaborative Machines: Artists, Engineers, and Scientists during the Apollo Era.”

Melnick, R.D. (Film Studies), Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, $50,400, National Endowment for the Humanities, “Screening the World: Hollywood’s Global Exhibition Empires.”

Michaelsen, J.C. (Geography), Stratton, E.C., Earth Research Institute, $1,000,000, California Resource Agency, “North Campus Open Space.”

Mishra, U.K., Speck, J.S. (Materials), Electrical & Computer Engineering, $1,625,000, North Carolina State University, “Clean Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII).”

Montell, C. (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), California Nanosystems Institute, $1,217,846, NIH General Medical Sciences, National Institute Of, “UC Santa Barbara MARC Program: Bridges to Biomedical Research Careers.”

Oakley, T.H. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $370,000, National Science Foundation, “DEB: RUI: Collaborative Research: Evolutionary origins of bioluminescence and complex mating signals: Phylogenomics of Cypridinidae (Ostracoda).”

Oh, S.P., Physics, $73,540, UC Los Angeles, “University of California Cosmic Dawn Initiative.”

Passow, U., Marine Science Institute, $710,151, University Of Georgia, “ECOGIG-2: Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas inputs to the Gulf.”

Passow, U., Marine Science Institute, $483,825, Texas A&M University, “Role of microbial exopolymers in aggregation and degradation of oil and dispersants.”

Schmidt, K.B., Physics, $17,697, Association of University for Research in Astronomy (Aka Space Teles Sci Inst), “Classifying and Following a Strongly Lensed Likely Supernova with Multiple Images.”

Steidl, J., Earth Research Institute, $532,628, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, “Observations and Analysis of Geotechnical Array Data.”

Stuart, D.D., Monreal, B., Physics, $300,000, Department of Energy, “UCSB High Energy Physics Group Detector R&D.”

Young, H.S. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Lafferty, K., Marine Science Institute, $508,751, National Science Foundation, “Using replicated empirical networks to understand drivers of ecosystem structure and stability.”

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