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March Contract and Grant Awards

Data provided by the Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Barnett, M.L. (Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology), Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, $600,067, NIH Mental Health, National Institutes Of Health, "Lay Health Worker Mobilization to Address Disparities in Parent Training Services."


Billeci Hajda, C. (Arts & Lectures), $25,000, NFAH Arts, National Endowment For The Arts, "Arts & Lectures: Changemakers Series."


Bowers, M.T. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Institute for Terahertz Science & Technology, $450,000, DAF Office Of Scientific Research, "Litigated Metal and Metal Oxide Clusters: Structures, Energetics and Reactivity."


Chadwick, O.A. (Geography), $30,087, University Of Hawaii (Incl Research Corporation Of The Univ Of Hawaii), "Soil Biogeochemistry Factors in Ecohydrology of Hawaiian Forests Under Climate Change."


Chmelka, B.F. (Chemical Engineering), $150,000, UC Berkeley, "Molecular compositions and structures of heteroatom and cation-exchange sites in zeolite catalysts analyzed by solid-state NMR."


Dagli, N. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $65,009, Carbon Sciences, Inc., "Investigation of graphene for optical modulator applications."


Devries, T.J. (Geography), Earth Research Institute, $274,355, National Science Foundation, "Collaborative research: Combining models and observations to constrain the marine iron cycle."


Feldwinn, D. and Van Koppen, P.A. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), $36,000, UC California Science Project, "South Coast Science Project--NCLB 2016-2017."


Halpern, B.S. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, $67,348, Nature Conservancy, "SNAPP: Landscape Sensitivity to Ecological Drought:The Knowns, Needs, and Solutions for the Real World."


Hegarty, M. (Psychological & Brain Sciences), $502,729, National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Research: Mechanisms of Visuospatial thinking in STEM."


Israelachvili, J.N. (Chemical Engineering), $600,000, DOE Miscellaneous Offices and Programs, "New instrumentation and tools to study dynamic (non-equilibrium) physico-chemical interfacial processes across large length, rates, and time scales."


Knapp, R.A. (Marine Science Institute), $195,000, Cal Department Of Fish and Wildlife, "Three crucially important conservation actions to recovery R. sierrae in the northern Sierra."


Knapp, R.A. (Marine Science Institute), $17,850, San Francisco Zoo, "Disease Assays for Frog Captive-Rearing Program-San Francisco  Zoo."


Lewis, K. and Thebaud, S.E. (Sociology), Technology Management Program, $60,900, Ewing Marion Kauffman Fdn, "Increasing Women's Representation in Entrepreneurial Activity: A Longitudinal Study of the Rising Tide Program."


Lin, H. (Computer Science), $548,195, National Science Foundation, "CAREER: Obfuscation from a Complexity Theoretic Perspective."


Matoza, R. (Earth Research Institute), $290,000, National Science Foundation, "Investigating the seismic signatures of volcanic unrest and eruption: Spatiotemporal distribution and source origin of tiny long-period seismicity."


Mishra, U.K. and Rodwell, M.J. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $367,680, DN Office Of Naval Research (ONR), "Instrumentation for Characterization and Nonlinear Modeling of Millimeter-Wave Devices and Circuits."


Oakley, T.H. and Ellis, E.A. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $19,955, National Science Foundation, "DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Correlated diversification of a sexual male trait and associated female perception."


Pedarsani, R. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $144,359, UC Berkeley, "UCCONNECT (State): Control and Management of Urban Traffic Networks with Mixed Autonomy."


Plaxco, K.W. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), $1,412,930, NIH General Medical Sciences, National Institutes Of Health, "The thermodynamics of protein-surface interactions."


Schimel, J.P. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Earth Research Institute, $41,122, UC Berkeley, "Carbon sequestration potential of rangeland soils."


Sloan, T. (Education), Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, $1,520,000, UC Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives, "California Teacher Education Research & Improvement Network."


Valentine, M.T. (Mechanical Engineering), California Nanosystems Institute, $300,000, UC Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives, "UC Consortium for Vascular Mechanics and Mechanobiology."


Washburn, L. (Geography), Emery, B.M. (Marine Science Institute), $536,279, National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Research: Resolving complex coastal flows via advances in high-frequency radar."


Xie, Y. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $100,000, Samsung, "Near Data Computing Architecture for Machine Learning Applications."


Yamamoto, T. (Chemical Engineering), $150,000, Central Research Institute Of Electric Power Industry (Japan), "Mechanical properties and microstructure evolution of reactor pressure vessel steels under low flux-high fluence neutron irradiation."


Young, H.S. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $68,339, UC Davis, "Megafires and ecological networks."

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