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January Contract and Grant Awards

Data provided by the Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Adler-Kassner, L. (Writing Program), Kim, L. (Summer Sessions), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $129,500, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, “Senior Summer at UC Santa Barbara: Think Big, Work Hard, Achieve.”

Arcavi, I. and Howell, D.A. (Physics), $10,960, Assn Of Univ For Res Astronomy (Aka Space Teles Sci Inst), “What Type of Star Made the One-of-a-kind Supernova iPTF14hls?.”

Bana, S.H. and Kuhn, P.J. (Economics), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $10,000, University of Chicago, “The Effect of Independent Prescriptive Authority on Vacancies for Nurse Practitioners.”

Billeci Hajda, C. (Arts & Lectures), $14,400, Cal Arts Council, “CAC Artists in Schools Grant.”

Blumenthal, D.J. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $78,000, Honeywell, Inc. (Includes Sperry Flight & Tetratech Data Systems, Inc), “Grating coupler for atomic clock.”

Bucholtz, M.H. and Charity Hudley, A.H. (Linguistics), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $294,661, UC Office of The President, “UCSB Hurston-Turner Scholars in Linguistics.”

Chen, I. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), $1,500,000, Simons Foundation, “Evolutionary and chemical activity landscapes of RNA.”

Coffey, P. and Radeke, M. (Neuroscience Research Institute), $250,000, Endogena, Inc., “Identification and evaluation of small molecule regulators of retinal pigment epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation.”

Costello, C.J. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Marine Science Institute, $5,000, Nature Conservancy, “TASK 18: Mapping Global Aquaculture.”

Fisher, M.P. (Psychological & Brain Sciences) and Ettenberg, A. (Physics), $1,207,079, Heising-Simons Foundation, “The Quantum Brain: An experimental approach to neural quantum processing.”

Gottfried, M.A. (Education), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $2,000, Learning Disabilities Foundation of America, “Do New Teachers Feel Ready to Educate Students with Learning Disabilities?.”

Grafton, S.T. (Psychological & Brain Sciences) and Chmelka, B.F. (Chemical Engineering), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $709,647, DA Army Misc Bases and Agencies, “Task 50: Rapid, Adaptive Decisions and Recovery from Stress (RADaRS).”

Grosenheider, A.A. (Davidson Library), $34,096, Hedco Foundation, “UC Santa Barbara Library - Ocean Side Learning Commons.”

Hodges, C.J. and Sweeney, S.H. (Geography), $17,246, Purdue University, “Human mobility in Peten, Guatemala.”

Klamkin, J. and Coldren, L.A. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $940,605, NASA Miscellaneous Centers, “IMPRESS Lidar: Integrated Micro-Photonics for Remote Earth Science Sensing Lidar.”

Klamkin, J. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $500,000, NASA Miscellaneous Centers, “BROADCAST: BROADband, Compact and Agile Silicon Photonics Technology.”

MacIntyre, S. (Marine Science Institute), $100,000, National Science Foundation-NSF, “Circulation, Metabolism, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Arctic Lakes and Ponds.”

Major, B.N. (Psychological & Brain Sciences), $149,824, Russell Sage Foundation, “Examining Health Costs of Social Mobility Among Latino-American Young Adults.”

Mcfarland, E.W. (Chemical Engineering), $163,277, UC Berkeley-UCB, “Improving the Efficiency and Cost of Chlorine Production from HCl.”

Morgan, M. and Sanchez, A. (Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology), Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, $1,084, UC Mexus, “Exploring Factors that Contribute to Academic Resilience in Latinx Community College Transfer Students.”

Muse, A.S. (Early Childhood Care and Education Services), $36,000, Cal Department of Education, “2017-2018 CDE Child Care and Adult Care Food Program.”

Nicholson, C.C. (Marine Science Institute), $35,000, University of Southern California, “SCEC5, Project MSI-B: Refine 3D Fault & Deformed Surface Geometry to Update & Expand the SCEC Community Fault Model.”

Nicholson, C.C. (Marine Science Institute), $15,000, University of Southern California, “SCEC5, Project MSI-A: Developing a Technical Activity Group (TAG) for the Community Fault Model (CFM) to support SCEC science, community model development, and hazard assessment.”

Oh, S.P. (Physics), $112,792, Assn Of Univ For Res Astronomy (Aka Space Teles Sci Inst), “Towards an Understanding of the Origin of OVI in the Circumgalactic Medium.”

Patterson, D.S. (Physics), $103,045, University And Community College System Of Nevada (Incl Unlv,reno,dri), “AMO physics in parahydrogen matrices.”

Rodwell, M.J. and Mishra, U.K. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $27,500,000, Semiconductor Research Corporation, “ComSenTer: A Center for Converged TeraHertz Communications and Sensing.”

Selkoe, K.A. (National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis), $38,083, UC Los Angeles, “Using HyspIRI to Identify Benthic Composition and Bleaching in Shallow Coral Reef Ecosystems.”

Seshadri, R. (Materials), Materials Research Laboratory, $71,863, National Science Foundation-NSF, “Shared Facilities Operations Workshop 2018.”

Squires, T. (Chemical Engineering), $1,500,000, Aramco Services Company, “Advanced strategies for targeted delivery in reservoirs.”

Strukov, D. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $230,000, Denso Corporation (Japan), “CMOS/memristor integration.”

Valentine, D.L. (Earth Science) and Carlson, C.A. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $109,990, National Science Foundation-NSF, “RAPID: Biogeochemical effects of fire ash deposition to the coastal ocean, in response to the 2017 Southern California fires.”

Valentine, D.L. (Earth Science), Marine Science Institute, $415,570, National Science Foundation-NSF, “Collaborative Research: Chemical and microbiological studies of water-soluble alkanes in the ocean.”

Van der Ven, A. (Mechanical Engineering) and Daly, S. (Materials), $607,030, University of Michigan (Incl William Davidson Institute), “PRISMS Center: Center for Predictive Integrated Structural Materials.”

Wang, Z. and Freedman, M. (Mathematics), $368,091, National Science Foundation-NSF, “FRG: cQIS: Collaborative Research: Mathematical Foundations of Topological Quantum Computation and its applications.”

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