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February 2011 Contract and Grant Awards

Data provided by the Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Agboola, A., Mathematics, $54,748, National Security Agency, "Iwasawa Theory, p-adic L-Functions and Arithmetic Galois Modules."

Begley, M., Mechanical Engineering, $135,000, National Science Foundation, "Understanding Elastomer/Stiff Material Interfaces in Fluidic Environments for Bioanalytical Microdevices."

Bowers, J.E., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $225,000, Intel Corporation, "Hybrid Silicon Mode Locked Laser."

Butler, A., Chemistry & Biochemistry, $447,615, National Science Foundation, "Microbial Iron Acquisition: Investigations of Amphiphilic Siderophores."

Doyle, F.J., Dassau, E., Chemical Engineering, $100,191, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, "Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas Utilizing Prandial Inhaled Afresa Insulin."

Dudley, T.L., Marine Science Institute, $625,000, U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service, "Research and Restoration Through the Santa Clara River Reserve: A Proposal to Develop a University of California Research and Education Station."

Ford, P.C., Chemistry & Biochemistry, $515,000, National Science Foundation, "Photochemical Delivery and Metal Mediated Reactions of Nitrogen Oxides and Other Bioactive Small Molecule."

Goulias, K.G., Geography, $2,000, UC Transportation Center (Berkeley), "TRB Student Travel Support."

Helie, S. (Psychology), Ashby, G. (Psychology), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $350,000, Lockheed Martin Corporation, "Biologically Inspired Model of Brain Operations."

Hofmann, G.E. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $16,000, UC Sea Grant College Program, "Ocean Acidification Exacerbated by Coastal Upwelling:  Monitoring of CO2 and O2 on the California Shelf and Effects on Red Sea Urchins, Abalone, and Oysters."

Hollerer, T.H., Computer Science, $1,133,545, Science Applications International Corporation, "Designing and Evaluating the Analyst Experience for Scalable Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination."

Lambert, A., Dudley, T.L., Marine Science Institute, $19,042, Nature Conservancy, "Development of a Strategic Plan for the Santa Clara River Research and Education Station/Preserve."

Lubin, P.M., Physics, $200,000, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Shared Services Center, "CoFE-T a Balloon Based Survey of CMB Foregrounds and Galactic Science from 3 to 15 GHz in Temperature and Polarization."

McClintock, W.J., Gaines, S. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $150,000, Tides Foundation, "Extending MarineMap for Nationwide Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning."

Nisbet, R.M. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Earth Research Institute, $107,989, UC Santa Cruz, "Investigations in Fisheries Ecology."

Raubal, M., Geography, $20,000, UC Transportation Center (Berkeley), "UCTC Fellowship: The Synergy of Transportation, Social, and Data Networks."

Reich, N.O. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, $4,000, California State University Channel Islands, "Channel Islands CIRM Project."

Rios, V. (Sociology), Lopez-Aguado, P.A. (Sociology), Chicano Studies Institute, $1,455, UC MEXUS, "The Collateral Consequences of Mass Incarceration on Urban Youth Cultures."

Rodwell, M.J., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $100,000, Government of Israel, "Process Modules for Advanced InP THz Transistors."

Schooler, J., Smallwood, J., Psychology, $1,702,662, Department of Education, "Mind Wandering During Reading."

Segura, D.A. (Sociology), Guzman, M. (Sociology), Chicano Studies Institute, $1,500, UC MEXUS, "Mexican Immigrants and the Making of Spiritual Citizenship: Immigration, Religion, and Civic Engagement."

Seshadri, R. (Materials), Materials Research Laboratory, $80,388, National Science Foundation, "Materials by Design: A Proposal for an NSF-Sponsored Workshop."

Voss, L.B., Orfalea Family Children’s Center, $750, County of Santa Barbara, "First 5, SB County:  Quality Counts Network."

Voss, L.B., Orfalea Family Children’s Center, $35,000, California Department of Education, "2010-2011 CDE Child Care and Adult Care Food Program."

Young, M.D. (Vice Chancellor Student Affairs), Women’s Center, $20,014, UC Davis, "CA Flagship Grant to Reduce Violent Crimes Against Women on Campus."

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