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January 2011 Contract and Grant Awards

Data provided by the Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

American Reinvestment & Recovery Act Funding

Simms, A. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $123,084, Oklahoma State University, "New Approaches to Unraveling the Climatic and Sea-Level History of the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico."

Simms, A. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $91,087, Oklahoma State University, "Constraining the Deglaciation of the Antarctic Peninsula Using OSL Dated Beach Deposits."

Other Contract & Grant awards:

Airame, S., Gaines, S. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $22,519, Oregon State University, "Effectively Communicating the Science of Marine Reserves to European Audiences."

Allen, J. (Physics), California NanoSystems Institute, $100,000, UC Los Angeles, "Spin Transfer Torque Junctions Coupled by Spin Waveguides."

Archuleta, R.J. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $72,170, US Geological Survey, "Strong Ground Motions in Salt Lake City and Other Metropolitan Areas From Large Earthquakes on the Wasatch Fault."

Banerjee, K., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $35,000, Intel Corporation, "Investigation of Work-Function Variation in Emerging Devices."

Beltz, G.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Martinez, C. (Campus Outreach Initiatives), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $227,500, UC Mesa, "UCSB 2010-11 MESA MSP Schools Program."

Bowers, J.E., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $125,000, Rockwell Collins, Inc., "Photonic Integrated Coherent Optics: DQPSK Receiver."

Clegg, D.O. (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), Neuroscience Research Institute, $4,000, California State University Channel Islands, "CSUCI CIRM Project: Student Intern."

Cottle, J.M. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $133,321, National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Research: Improving the Accuracy and Precision of Monazite and Allanite Geochronology via ID Th-Pb Ages for Reference Materials."

Daugherty, P.S., Chemical Engineering, $1,554,265, National Institutes of Health-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, "Antibody Repertoire Characterization in Celiac Disease."

Feldman, R.E., Statistics & Applied Probability, $20,000, National Science Foundation, "Travel Grants for U.S. Participants to Attend SPA, Oaxaca, Mexico 2011."

Gerber, M. (Education), Gevirtz Graduate School of Education Research Office, $55,882, UC Riverside, "UCR - Math Word Problem Solving."

Goulias, K.G., Geography, $5,000, UC Transportation Center (Berkeley), "UCSB Project Oversight and Reporting in 2010-2011."

Goulias, K.G., Geography, $7,000, UC Transportation Center (Berkeley), "Transportation Speaker Series 2010-2011."

Gross, D.J. (Physics), Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, $12,761, Universitat ULM (Germany), "Workshop and Conference on Beyond Standard Optical Lattices."

Gurven, M.D. (Anthropology), McAllister, L.S. (Anthropology), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $18,476, National Science Foundation, "Doctoral Dissertation Research: The Determinants and Consequences of Women's Fertility Preferences and Fertility in a Rapidly Acculturating Amerindian Population."

Hansma, P.K. (Physics), Morse, D.E. (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), California NanoSystems Institute, $1,393,800, National Institutes of Health-National Institute of General Medical Sciences, "An Improved Atomic Force Microscope for Biomedical Applications: Deep AFM for Large Scale Scanning and Nanomechanics."

Hawker, C.J. (Materials), Materials Research Laboratory, $418,426, Washington University, (St. Louis, Mo), "Integrated Nanosystems for Diagnosis and Therapy."

Hayton, T.W., Chemistry & Biochemistry, $358,623, National Science Foundation, "Synthesis and Stabilization of High-Oxidation State Metal Complexes:  Opportunities for Novel Structure and Reactivity."

Hollerer, T.H., Computer Science, $134,971, National Science Foundation, "ASP: EAGER:  Collaborative Visualization for Knowledge Computing."

Lubin, P.M., Physics, $40,000, UC San Diego, "California Space Grant Consortium (NASA NNx10At93H)."

Martin, C.L., Physics, $28,772, Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, "WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey {WISP}: A Survey of Star Formation Across Cosmic Time."

Mazin, B., Physics, $910,371, National Aeronautics & Space Administration Shared Services Center, “Large Arrays of UV to Near-IR Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors."

Nguyen, T.T. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Center for Polymers & Organic Solids, $270,000, Office of Naval Research, "Understanding Factors Governed Performance of Organic Solar Cells."

Pak, D.K., Materials Research Laboratory, $2,613, SPIE, "SPIE Education Outreach Grant for Solar Car Kits and Workshop Materials."

Pennathur, S. (Mechanical Engineering), Atzberger, P.J. (Mathematics), California NanoSystems Institute, $1,000,000, William M. Keck Foundation, "Nanoelectrofluidic Systems: New Tools for Nanoparticle Analysis."

Safinya, C.R. (Materials), Materials Research Laboratory, $15,000, Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan), "Advanced Biomolecular Materials."

Segura, D.A. (Sociology), Lomeli, M. (Sociology), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $1,310, UC MEXUS, "Race, Class, and Redevelopment in Downtown L.A.'s Latino and Mexican Small Businesses."

Voss, L.B., Orfalea Family Children’s Center, $141,358, California Department of Education, "2010-2011 California Department of Education CCTR."


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