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March 2011 Contract and Grant Awards

Data provided by the Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Agrawal, D., Computer Science, $99,814, National Science Foundation, "NSF PI Meeting: The Science of Cloud Computing (March 17-18, 2011; Arlington, VA 22209, USA)."

Archuleta, R.J. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $72,170, US Geological Survey, "Strong Ground Motions in Salt Lake City and Other Metropolitan Areas From Large Earthquakes on the Wasatch Fault."

Aswani, S. (Anthropology), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $100,000, Government of Australia, "Building Social and Ecological Resilience to Climate Change in Roviana, Solomon Islands."

Banerjee, K., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $24,500, UC Directed Research and Development, "Investigation of Work-Function Variation in Emerging Devices."

Barvosa, E. (Chicana and Chicano Studies), Chicano Studies Institute, $1,500, UC MEXUS, "The Multiple Identities of U.S. Latinos~Theory Building & Case Studies Regarding Non-Assimilation's Benefits for Immigrant Incorporation & Latino Youth Gang Identifies as Surrogate Belonging in Exclusionary Contexts."

Bazan, G.C. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Center for Polymers & Organic Solids, $50,000, Konarka Technologies, Inc., "Conjugated Polymers Based on N-4H-cyclopenta[2, 1-b: 3, 4-b']dithiophene-4-imine: A New Platform for Organic Photovoltaic Technology."

Beltz, G.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Martinez, C. (Campus Outreach Initiatives), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $11,000, Xerox Foundation, "MESA Undergraduate Scholarships and Outreach."

Bullo, F., Mechanical Engineering, $500,000, Army Research Development and Engineering Command, "Dynamic Routing and Coordination in Multi-Agent Networks."

Byl, K., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $1,119,579, Army Research Development and Engineering Command, "Variable-Impedance Legged Locomotion for Enhanced Stability on Rough Terrain."

Clarke, K.C., Geography, $458,296, US Geological Survey, "Terrain Features and the Topological Surface Network."

Coldren, L.A., Rodwell, M.J., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $90,000, Global Strategies Group (North America) Inc., "Phased Array VCSEL Transmitter/Receiver."

Doyle, F.J. (Chemical Engineering), Grafton, S.T. (Psychology), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $2,003,750, Army Research Development and Engineering Command, "Task Order 21:  "BioNav:  Biomimetic UAV-Based System for Soldier Navigation and Situation Awareness" (Lockheed 6.2)."

Dudley, T.L., Marine Science Institute, $625,000, US Fish and Wildlife Service, "Research and Restoration Through the Santa Clara River Reserve: A Proposal to Develop a University of California Research and Education Station."

Dugan, J.E., Page, H.M., Marine Science Institute, $49,566, California Department of Parks and Recreation, "Evaluating Approaches to Enhancing Prey Resources for Nesting Shorebirds on Sandy Beaches."

Eckstein, M.P. (Psychology), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $112,742, Eye-Com Corporation, "Neural Correlates of Changes in Cognitive State Measured with Portable Systems."

Ford, P.C., Laverman, L.E., Chemistry & Biochemistry, $149,943, National Science Foundation, "IRES-Undergraduate Research in China on Electron Chemistry and Catalysis at Interfaces."

Goulias, K.G., Geography, $20,000, UC Transportation Center (Berkeley), "UCTC Fellowship: A Structural Equations Approach to Time Use and Destination Choice Using a GPS Based Activity Diary Data Collection."

Heeger, A.J. (Physics), Center for Polymers & Organic Solids, $100,000, Konarka Technologies, Inc., "Morphology Studies of Bulk Heterojunction Materials."

Holbrook, S.J. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $60,000, UC San Diego, "Re-Deployable CI for Environmental Observing Systems."

Israelachvili, J.N. (Chemical Engineering), Chmelka, B.F. (Chemical Engineering), California NanoSystems Institute, $490,000, National Science Foundation, "Molecular and Surface Interactions in the 'Directed' Assembly of Nano-Structured Inorganic-Organic Materials."

Jordan, M.A., Wilson, L. (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), Neuroscience Research Institute, $778,553, Eisai Companies (Japan), "Effects of Tubulin Isotypes on the Mechanism of Action of Eribulin."

Koegel, R. (Department of Counseling, Clinical, and SchoolPsychology), Koegel, L. (Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology), Gevirtz Graduate School of Education Research Office, $23,975, Autism Speaks, "Utilizing Motivational Variables (e.g., Physical Exercise Club, Game Club, etc) to Develop a Model of Social Facilitation in the School Environment to Enhance Social Competence for Adolescents with ASD."

Kramer, E.J., Materials, $300,000, Office of Naval Research, "Spatial and Temporal Control of Chemical Structure for Biofouling Resistant, High Fouling Release Surfaces."

Lenihan, H.S. (Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Earth Research Institute, $31,525, AECOM USA, Inc., "Determining Risk Factors for 3 Zero Valent Iron Materials."

Low, D.A., Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, $15,000, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, "The Role of Orphan Toxin-Immunity Modules of CDI Systems in Bacterial Competition."

Mazin, B., Physics, $588,271, National Aeronautics & Space Administration Shared Services Center, "Large Arrays of UV to Near-IR Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors."

Quetin, L.B., Ross-Quetin, R., Marine Science Institute, $445,002, National Science Foundation, "Palmer LTER Zooplankton 1993-2008:  Synthesis and Integration of Time-Series Data, Zooplankton Aggregation Structure and Secondary Production of Antarctic Krill."

Roberts, D., Still, C.J., Geography, $88,800, National Aeronautics & Space Administration Shared Services Center, "Evaluation of Synergies Between VNIR-SWIR and TIR Imagery in a Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystem."

Sandoval, C. (Chicana and Chicano Studies), Gonzalez, A.R. (Chicana and Chicano Studies), Chicano Studies Institute, $1,500, UC MEXUS, "Dissertation Research/"Another City is Possible: Mujeres de Maíz, Spiritual Activism, and the Cultivation Sacred Spaces in Los Angeles."

Smith, W.C., Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, $1,572,187, National Institutes of Health-National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, "Mutational Analysis of Tunicate Development."

Stucky, G.D. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), California NanoSystems Institute, $30,000, GRT, Inc., "Enhanced Materials for Renewable Fuel Production and Efficient Emission Reduction."

Stucky, G.D. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Materials, $206,926, University of Illinois, "Threshold-Switchable Particles to Control Internal Hemorrhage."

Theogarajan, L., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $400,000, National Science Foundation, "CAREER: CMOS Integrated Nanopores for Biomolecule Detection."

Valentine, M.T. (Mechanical Engineering), California NanoSystems Institute, $417,822, National Science Foundation, "REU Site: Internships in Nanosystems Science, Engineering and Technology (INSET) Program."

Weinberger, C.J. (Economics), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $6,782, International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics, "Dictator Game Generosity and Real World Labor Market Outcomes: Third Wave of a Longitudinal Study."

Zasadzinski, J.A., Reich, N.O. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Chemical Engineering, $1,306,381, National Institutes of Health-Center for Scientific Review, "NIR Light-Activated Nanoparticles for Drug and Gene Delivery."

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