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Data provided by Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Bazerman, C. (Education), Gevirtz Research Institute, $9,970, The National Council of Teachers Of English, "Writing Initiatives and Networks in Latin America and their Relation to North America."

Bazerman, C. (Education), Gevirtz Research Institute, $19,600, Spencer Foundation, "Lifespan Development of Writing Abilities."

Bi, S., Morse, D.E. (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $270,000, Army Research Office, "T-cell Surface and Serum Glycans as Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for PTSD."

Blaes, O.M., Physics, $277,170, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "Using Local Radiation MHD Simulations to Attempt to Understand the Very High/Steep Power Law State of Black Hole X-ray Binaries."

Bowers, J.E., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $100,000, Intel Corporation, "Integrated, Athermal, Low Power, High Bandwidth Silicon Photonic Transceiver Technologies."

Burbank, D.W. (Earth Science), Harvey, J.E. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $7,500, Exxon Mobile Corporation, "Extracting Uplift Rates from Topographic Metrics in the California Coast Ranges."

Cheng, K., Electrical & Computer Engineering, $50,000, Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan), "Test Data Analytics for 3D IC Production Testing and Design Validation."

Chmelka, B.F., Chemical Engineering, $180,806, Halliburton, "Monitoring and Understanding Cement Hydration at a Molecular Level: Compositions, Structures, and Conditions for Controlling Cement Properties."

Doherty, M.F., Vetter, T., chemical engineering, $180,000, Eli Lilly and Company, “Lilly Innovation Fellowship Award."

Doyle, F.J. (Chemical Engineering), Grafton, S.T. (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $1,570,000, Army Research Office, "Task XX: Bio-Inspired Synchronization and Sensors for Distributed Mobile Gunfire Detection Enhancing Situational Awareness."

Dunne, T. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Earth Research Institute, $49,960, California Department of Water Resources, "Analysis of the Potential for Gravel Augmentation in the Robinson Reach, Merced River."

Eckstein, M.P., Giesbrecht, B.L., Psychological & Brain Sciences, $229,500, Natioanl Institutes of Health, "Neural Representation of Scene Context During Visual Search."

Hacker, B. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $75,489, National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Research: The Role of Fluids in Intermediate-Depth Seismicity and Wedge Anisotrophy: Case Studies for Cascadia and Alaska, With a Comparison to Japan."

Herbst, D.B., Marine Science Institute, $150,000, California Water Control Board, "Pajaro River Contract #12-074-130."

Hodges, S.A. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Derieg, N.J. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $19,890, National Science Foundation, "DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Causes and Consequences of Flower Color Variation in Aquilegia Coerulea."

Jones, M.B., Marine Science Institute, $472,188, National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Research: ABI development: A Toolbox for Analysis of Long-term Ecological Dynamics Using the Kepler Workflow System."

Logan, C.J., Gazzaniga, M.S., Psychological & Brain Sciences, $14,172, National Geographic Society, "Is Sophisticated Cognition Restricted to Large-Brained Species?"

Lopez-Carr, D., Geography, $22,665, UC Berkeley, "Twin Gods: A Mixed-Method Investigation of Diet Change in Latino Immigrants."

Madhow, U., electrical & computer engineering, $345,490, National Science Foundation, "CIF:Medium:Collaborative Research: Distributed Coherence: Fundamental Building Blocks, System Concepts, and Experimental Demonstration."

Mazin, B., Physics, $100,000, NASA/Miscellaneous Centers, "Large Imaging X-ray MKID Arrays for Astrophysics Research & Analysis."

Mitragotri, B.S., Chemical Engineering, $100,001, CFD Research Corporation, "A Novel Microfluidic Device for Selection and Optimization of Drug Delivery Vehicles."

Romero, L. (Marine Science Institute), Earth Research Institute, $35,985, UC San Diego, "Modeling and Analysis of Measurements of Waves Interacting with Eddies in the Gulf of Mexico."

Shell, M., Chemical Engineering, $409,178, National Science Foundation, "New Concepts and Algorithms for Coarse-Graining in Self-Assembling Systems."

Stemmer, S., Materials, $950,417, UC Los Angeles, "Center of Function Accelerated nanoMaterial Engineering (FAME)."

Stucky, G.D. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Auston, D.H. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Institute for Energy Efficiency, $1,599,974, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), "Highly Powerful Capacitors Boosted with Both Anolyte and Catholyte."

Suh, S. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Earth Research Institute, $99,795, National Science Foundation, "Impact of Shale Gas on Renewable Energies."

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