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Data provided by Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Clegg, D.O. (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), Neuroscience Research Institute, $470,664, University of Southern California, “Stem Cell Based Treatment Strategy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).”

Doyle, F.J. (Chemical Engineering), Grafton, S.T. (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $99,000, Army Research Office, “Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies Task 25: Modeling the Intra and Extra Cellular Cytokines Signaling Pathway Under Heat Stroke.”

Jacob, W.B., Mathematics, $75,000, Santa Barbara Foundation, “The UCSB-Harding-La Cumbre-McKinley 2012 Summer Schools.”

Lopez-Carr, D., Geography, $8,499, UC Global Health Institute, “Twin Gods: A Mixed-Method Investigation of Diet Change in Latino Immigrants.”

Love, M.S., Marine Science Institute, $625,000, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, “Analysis of Fish Population at Platforms off Summerland, California.”

Petzold, L.R., Krintz, C., Computer Science, $1,725,118, National Institutes of Health, “Stochastic Simulation Service: A Cloud Computing Framework for Modeling and Simulation of Stochastic Biochemical Systems.”

Yeager, E. (Education), Gevirtz Research Institute, $58,580, CSU East Bay/CSU East Bay Foundation, “Gateways STEM Network Action Groups Design and Evaluation Research.”



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