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Data provided by Office of Research. “()” represent investigators’ home departments when those are different from the administering unit.

Ashby, F. (Psychological & Brain Sciences), $285,720, University Of Texas at Austin, “Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Modeling of Learning and Retention of Complex Sequential Skills.”

Balents, L. (Physics), $345,000, National Science Foundation, “Quantum Phenomenae in Solids.”

Bianchini, J. (Education), Seale, S. (Earth Research Institute), Gevirtz Research Institute, $1,199,920, National Science Foundation, “CalTeach: Physical Sciences and Engineering.”

Bookhagen, B. (Geography), Hanshaw, M.N. (Geography), Earth Research Institute, $30,000, NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC), “Volumetric Glacial Changes in the Central Andes During the Past Four Decades: Climate Change, Debris Coverage, or ENSO Variability.”

Booth, D.B. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Earth Research Institute, $50,857, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, “Web-Based Conceptual Model for Urban Stream Systems.”

Bowers, J.E. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $770,000, Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command, “Low power, Integrated, High Speed Photonic Transmitter for POEM.”

Brzezinski, M.A. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $349,538, National Science Foundation, “GEOTRACES Pacific Section:  Resolving Silicon Isotope Anomalies in the Eastern Pacific.”

Chen, J., Garcia-Cervera, C.J. (Mathematics), $238,210, National Science Foundation, “Quasiatomistic Method of Solids.”

Chmelka, B.F. (Chemical Engineering), $143,529, Stanford University, “The Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics.”

Clarke, B.A., Burbank, D.W. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $171,556, National Science Foundation, “Quantifying Near-Surface Patterns of Bedrock Fractures and Assessing Controls on Fracture Formation.”

Cosden, M. (Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology), Gevirtz Research Institute, $151,950, Good Samaritan Shelter, “Fresh Start Program.”

Doyle, F.J. (Chemical Engineering), Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, $1,634,056, Army Research Office, “Continuation Study:  A Systems Approach to Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Franklin, D., Harlow, D. (Education), Computer Science, $599,895, National Science Foundation, “CER: DEPICT: Developing Elementary (Learning) Progressions to Integrate Computational Thinking.”

Frew, J.E. (Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management), Earth Research Institute, $62,000, Univeristy Industry Research Corporation, “Intel Science and Technology Center for Big Data - ISTC-BD.”

Gurven, M.D. (Anthropology), Martin, M.A. (Anthropology), Neuroscience Research Institute, $22,746, National Science Foundation, “Doctoral Dissertation Improvement: Maternal reproductive trade-offs and the duration of exclusive breastfeeding in a natural fertility population.”

Halpern, B.S. (Marine Science Institute (NCEAS)), Marine Science Institute, $732,308, Conservation International Foundation, “Developing an Ocean Health Index, 2012-2013.”

Hegarty, M., Goodchild, M.F. (Geography), Psychological & Brain Sciences, $559,797, National Science Foundation, “CGV: Large: Collaborative Research: Modeling, Display, and Understanding Uncertainty in Simulations for Policy Decision Making.”

Herbst, D.B., Cooper, S.D. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Marine Science Institute, $130,000, USDA Forest Service, “Aquatic Invertebrate Research for Experimental Watersheds in the Kings River System.”

Hofmann, G.E. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), Blanchette, C.A., Marine Science Institute, $320,491, National Science Foundation, “OCEAN ACIDIFICATION: Collaborative Research: OMEGAS II - Linking Ecological and Organismal Responses to the Ocean Acidification Seascape in the California Current System.”

Kruegel, C., Vigna, G. (Computer Science), $200,000, National Science Foundation, “EAGER: Attacking (and Defending) Information.”

Lambert, A., Dudley, T.L., Marine Science Institute, $99,930, USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture, “Evaluating the Efficacy and Impacts of Tetramesa romana, a Wasp Introduced for Biological Control of Arundo donax (Giant Reed).”

Ludkovski, M. (Statistics & Applied Probability), $212,627, National Science Foundation, “ATD: Sequential Quickest Detection and Identification of Multiple Co-Dependent Epidemic Outbreaks.”

Matthys, E.F. (Mechanical Engineering), $96,506, Combined Power Cooperative, “Ultra Low-Cost, Dual Purpose, CLFR/Heat Exchanger.”

Mcfarland, E.W., Metiu, H.I. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Chemical Engineering, $24,000, Department of Energy, “Symposium on New Theoretical Concepts and Directions in Catalysis.”

Mostofi, Y.C. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $335,330, National Science Foundation, “Compressive Cooperative Sensing and Navigation in Mobile Networks.”

Nelson, C.E., Knapp, R.A., Marine Science Institute, $56,000, Sierra Business Council, “Grazing Management Practice Implementation and Assessment in One or More Targeted Watersheds in the Lahontan Region.”

Ohlmann, J.C., Earth Research Institute, $98,846, Orange County Sanitation District, “Monitoring the Fate and Transport of the Orange County Sanitation District 78” Outflow Effluent Plume.”

Palmstrom, C., (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $390,000, Army Research Office, “Epitaxial Semiconducting Heusler Alloy Heterostructures.”

Petzold, L.R. (Computer Science), $750,000, Department of Energy, “High Performance Algorithms for Discrete Stochastic Simulation.”

Reed, D.C., Marine Science Institute, $264,575, National Science Foundation, “Collaborative Research:  The Effect of Inbreeding on Metapopulation Dynamics of the Giant Kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera.”

Roberts, D.A. (Geography), $307,484, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, “HyspIRI Discrimination of Plant Species and Functional Types Along a Strong Environmental-Temperature Gradient.”

Robertson, E.B. (Art Studio), Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, $125,000, The J. Paul Getty Trust, “Inside Out: the Architecture of Smith and Williams.”

Ruoslahti, E., Alvizo-Paez, E.R. (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), $27,036, UC Mexus, “Targeting Drug-Induced Vascular Responses in Breast Cancer with Silicon Nanoparticles.”

Scott, S.L., Peters, B. (Chemical Engineering), $2,200,000, Department of Energy, “Hierarchical Design of Supported Organometallic Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Transformations: Structures and Dynamics of the Active Site.”

Shell, M., Leal, L.G. (Chemical Engineering), $99,470, National Science Foundation, “Molecular and Hybrid Simulations of Nanobubble Stability.”

Sherwood, T.P. (Computer Science), $717,415, National Science Foundation, “CPS: Breakthrough: Inspection Resistance in Cyber-Physical Systems.”

Shraiman, B.I. (Physics), $783,481, National Science Foundation, “Intercellular Interactions and Dynamics of Morphogenesis.”

Simms, A. (Earth Science), Earth Research Institute, $2,409, National Park Service, “Stream Terrace Mapping at Washita Battlefield National Historic Site.”

Singer, M.D., Earth Research Institute, $96,466, National Science Foundation, “Collaborative Research: Establishing Process Links Between Streamflow, Sediment Transport/Storage, and Biogeochemical Processing of Mercury.”

Smith, S.T. (Anthropology), Institute for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Research, $5,000, Curtiss T. Brennan & Mary G. Brennan Foundation, Inc., “Colonial Entanglements: New Kingdom Cultural Interaction at Tombos in a Regional Context.”

Stratton, E., Earth Research Institute (CCBER), $29,996, Southern Calif Wetlands Recovery Project, “UCSB Campus Lagoon Salt Marsh Restoration.”

Strukov, D. (Electrical & Computer Engineering), $369,555, MicroXact, Inc., “Signal Processing with Memristive Devices.”

Turk, M.A., Hollerer, T.H. (Computer Science), $499,970, National Science Foundation, “HCC: Small: Telecollaboration in Physical Spaces.”

Zhao, Y., Zheng, H. (Computer Science), $494,743, National Science Foundation, “TWC: Small: Understanding and Defending against Crowdsourced Online Identities.”

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