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The Center for Black Studies sees as part of its mission the support of “academic and cultural activities designed to promote and explore issues of blackness, tolerance and other progressive social change initiatives off campus and within the larger Santa Barbara region."

Furthermore, the broader public mission is marked by a commitment to community collaboration. This collaboration can take on many forms, including: enhancing communication between the university and the community on issues of mutual concern; facilitating access for the community to university resources; participating in the development and implementation of community based educational and social initiatives; providing co-sponsorship for cultural activities on campus and in the community.

Project Excel, an initiative led by university faculty and community members housed at the Center, seeks to increase the number of African American, American Indian, and other underrepresented students in Santa Barbara and Goleta K-12 schools who are academically prepared for enrollment at UC Santa Barbara and other colleges and universities.

MLK Observance

Martin Luther King Day Observance at UCSB, 2004

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I said to my children, "I'm going to work and do everything that I can do to see that you get a good education. I don't ever want you to forget that there are millions of God's children who will not and cannot get a good education, and I don't want you feeling that you are better than they are. For you will never be what you ought to be until they are what they ought to be."
— Martin Luther King Jr.
January 7, 1968

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