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Conflict of Interest Committee

Review Process

The Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC) is an academic committee acting under authority from the Chancellor to review potential financial conflicts of interest and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research for acceptance, acceptance with conditions, or disapproval of the gift, grant or contract. Such a review and recommendation must be completed before the University accepts the funding. The COIC will notify the faculty member in writing about its findings and actions.

Appeal Process

If a faculty member whose conflict has been reviewed does not agree with the Committee's recommendation and the Vice Chancellor’s decision, then the faculty member may contact the COI Coordinator and request an appeal. Typically, the appeal process involves an appearance before the Committee by the faculty member to answer questions and/or to provide additional information to the Committee.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held once a month. The submittal deadline for positive disclosures is 9 working days prior to the meeting.

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