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Conflict of Interest in Research

ORCOI - Conflict of Interest disclosure submission system:

Federal regulations, state laws and University policies recognize that researchers may have financial interests in research sponsors and/or in entities with business interests closely related to their research.

The term “conflict of interest in research” refers to situations in which financial or other personal considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of biasing a researcher's professional judgment in designing, conducting or reporting research.

Researchers must submit a financial disclosure; at the time of initial proposal submission for research funding, when additional funding or supplemental funding is received, when research gift funding is received, when a personnel change takes place, when any new significant financial interest is acquired, and when an application for a protocol is submitted for a human subjects study.

In those situations where a financial interest and possible conflict of interest are disclosed, each situation is reviewed by an independent substantive review committee.  At UCSB, that committee is the Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC).

This website contains information regarding the Committee process, including the regulations, laws, policies, and guidelines that govern disclosures and conflict of interest.

For general questions related to COI, contact:

Brian McCurdy
Conflict of Interest Coordinator

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