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New Researcher Training

In accordance with the Animal Welfare Regulations, Public Health Service Policy, and as outlined in the Guide fo the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, all personnel conducting research involving animals at the University of California, Santa Barbara and its' satellite facilities must be appropriately trained and qualified to perform procedures described in each protocol. This Researcher Training Checklist was created to assist faculty, staff, and students with completing their requisite training.

Any personnel who will be performing surgery on any animal species must be appropriately trained and qualified. Initial training begins by observing a qualified surgical trainer conducting the surgical procedure. A qualified surgical trainer is someone who has successfully completed a proficiency evaluation with the AV for the surgical procedure in the particular species. Additionally, all potential surgeons MUST attend a Basic Aseptic Surgical Technique Seminar, presented by the Attending Veterinarian. Once an animal user is sufficiently familar with the surgical procedure, they may begin hands-on training under the direct supervision of the surgical trainer. These initial attempts at the procedure are often performed on recently euthanized animal cadavers to prevent any unnecessary pain or distress to the animals. Once an animal user has become adept at performing the surgical procedure under direct supervision, they may contact the Attending Veterinarian for a surgical proficiency evaluation. If the Attending Veterinarian has deemed someone proficient in a surgical technique, they may conduct the surgery without the direct supervision of the surgical trainer. If a qualified surgical trainer is not available, please contact the Attending Veterinarian ( to see if he may be able to provide training.

Animal Researcher Training Checklist

Occupational Health and Safety Animal Exposure and Medical History Form

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In-person Training Seminars and Workshops

IACUC Training Requirements for Protocol Personnel

Field Safety and Training from EH&S

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Safety Notes

UCSB Field Research Plan (Recommended for PIs)

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