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International Travel


Travel to Embargoed/Sanctioned Countries

If you travel to Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Cuba or Crimean region of Ukraine for purposes of attending a conference, a teaching engagement or performing research, please be aware that UCSB cannot reimburse your travel expenses and you will be in violation of U.S. law if you have not obtained a license from the Department of the Treasury ahead of your travel dates. If you need to travel to these countries, please contact the Office of Research’s Export Control staff at, to coordinate and facilitate the submission of a license application. Please note that licenses take between 4 to 10 months to obtain, so notification of travel to these countries must be forwarded to the Office of Research's Export Control staff as early as possible.

The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) within the Department of Treasury is the licensing authority for travel to sanctioned countries related to conference attendance, teaching or performing research. The list of countries subject to these restrictions can and will change.

Please note that this is not a new restriction. It has been in-place for many years. The University of California, as a result of specific and direct guidance from the Federal Government, has been working toward enhancing compliance with these existing laws across its ten campuses.

OFAC administers a number of different sanctions programs; the Sanction Programs and Country Information website helps the Office of Research's Export Control staff determine if a license for travel is required:

In order to ensure that you can be reimbursed for travel expenses and that you are not in violation of U.S. law, contact the Office of Research's Export Control staff,, as soon as you identify a need to travel to any of the countries listed above. Our Export Control staff will help you determine if a license is required and will assist you in applying for it, if necessary.

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to Brian McCurdy, Export Control Officer, at or at (805) 893-3787.


Countries under comprehensive embargo.  Restrictions exist on most imports/exports and financial transactions:


*Travel to Cuba is restricted to only certain academic activities which may be pursued under a US government license.  Contact Export Controls for more information about travel to Cuba prior to making any travel-related arrangements (hotel accommodations, airfare, etc.).

**Travel to North Korea is highly restricted.  No exemptions for academic activities currently.

Countries under targeted sanctions programs; limited restrictions on certain imports, exports, financial transactions/dealings exist:
Congo, Democratic Republic of

Countries under targeted sanctions programs; limited restrictions on certain imports, exports, financial transactions/dealings exist:


Traveling with Electronic Devices


What Can You Take with You Overseas?

Under the license exception for temporary export (TMP) an individual can take usual and reasonable kinds and quantities of tools of trade (commodities and software) for use by an employee of the University in a lawful enterprise. The tools of trade must remain under your effective control (an individual must retain physical possession of the item, lock it in a hotel safe, or have it guarded). Encryption commodities and software may be pre-loaded on a laptop, handheld device or other computer or equipment. All tools of trade may accompany you departing from the U.S. or may be shipped unaccompanied within one month before your departure from the U.S., or at any time after departure. All commodities and software must, if not consumed or destroyed in the normal course of authorized temporary use abroad, be returned as soon as practicable, but no later than one year after the date of export. No tools of trade may be taken to embargoed countries. For a current list of embargoed countries, go to The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Regulations. For additional information regarding the TMP "Tools of Trade" License Exception, reference 15 CFR Part 740.9(a)(2)(i).

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