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About HSC

The Committee:

The UCSB Human Subjects Committee (HSC) is an independent administrative committee mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services and responsible to Office for Human Research Protections Program (OHRP). The HSC is composed of scientists, non-scientists, and community members with varying backgrounds of expertise, to promote complete and adequate review of human subjects research activities conducted by UCSB researchers.

The Office:

The UCSB Human Subjects Office is the administrative support unit that conducts administrative pre-reviews of proposed research activities, ensures researchers follow federal, state, and university regulations when using human subjects as research participants. The HS Office offers advice on and assistance with the development of human subjects protocol applications, and supports the HSC. The HS Office also provides education and outreach to the campus community and acts as a liaison between various campus departments, researchers, the HSC, and governmental agencies.


Federal Wide Assurance and IRB Registration:

Federal Wide Assurance (FWA): FWA00006361

Expires: 3/5/2021

Institutional Review Board Name (on file with OHRP): U California Santa Barbara #1

IRB Identification/Registration #: IRB00000307

Expires 2/28/2022

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