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International Research

Conducting research in an international setting involves adhering to additional sets of regulations, policies, and customs. Not only must researchers follow the same ethical and regulatory standards for conducting human subjects research in another country as they do in the U.S., but researchers must also conform to the applicable local laws and norms of the host country and community as well.

Planning the Protocol

The HSC recommends submitting an application for review at a minimum of one month prior to the anticipated start date. Since international sites may have their own policies and procedures for allowing human subjects research to occur, planning your protocol in advance will help facilitate the review process.

Below are some items to consider when conducting research in an international setting:

Consent Process

In most instances, federal regulations require documented (i.e., signed consent) from research participants unless a waiver of consent or documentation is requested, justified and approved by the HSC.

Below are some items to consider when obtaining informed consent in an international setting:

For more information on working in an international setting, see the UCSB HSC SOP 024 International Research.



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