UCOP Policy on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching

UCOP MOU for the Care of Laboratory Animals in the Event of Emergency or Disaster

Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia Guide

Administration of Experimental Substances to Animals, Including Non-pharmaceutical-grade or Controlled Substances

Animal Environment Enrichment and Social Housing

Animal Facilities Disaster Contingency Plan

Animal Procurement, Transportation, Quarantine, and Preventive Medicine

Antibody Production

Aseptic Rodent Surgery and Post-Operative Care

Blood and Tissue Collection

Euthanasia of Animals

Evaluation of Concerns of Mistreatment of Animals or IACUC Protocol Non-Compliance

Food and Water Regulation

Humane Experimental Endpoints

Implantation of Tumor Cells in Rodents

Inter-Institutional Agreement on the Use of Animals in Research Settings

Maintenance of Equipment Used for Decapitation

Minimum Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment When Working With Research Animals

Prolonged Physical Restraint

Provisions of Adequate Veterinary Care and Reporting Unanticipated Protocol Complications

Rodent Breeding

Significant Protocol Changes

Training Requirements for Protocol Personnel

Use of Designated Member Review

UCSB Brochure on Vertebrate Animals in UCSB Classrooms

Who Qualifies to be a Principal Investigator on an IACUC Protocol

Use of Wild Birds in Field and Laboratory Research

Use of Wild Mammals in Field and Laboratory Research

Use of Amphibians and Reptiles in Field and Laboratory Research

Use of Fish in Field and Laboratory Research