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Conflict of Interest
700-U Statement of Financial Interests (electronically submitted through ORCOI - (Updated February, 2017)
For non-governmentally funded projects including non-profits, industry, and gifts
700-UG Disclosure Addendum for Gifts from Individuals
Addendum to a positive 700-U for a gift given in support of research to a specific researcher from an individual person, including gifts given from the researcher to him or herself
600-U Investigator's Statement of Financial Interest Related to Human Subjects Research
Graduate Student Conflict of Interest Form
This form must be completed, signed, and submitted by graduate students with the Masters Form I or the Doctoral Degree Form I, as applicable, for more information visit


Human Subjects Committee
ORahs (Office of Research Application for the use of Human Subjects)
Human Subjects Bill of Rights (112e)
NIH-HS Statement Regarding Education in the Protection of Humans Research Participant
Research Involving Human Subjects Decision Tree
Decision tree to assist investigators in determining if an activity is research involving human subjects
HSC Human Subjects Research Determination Form
Form to assist investigators in determining if proposed research constitutes human subjects research. Form must be submitted to the HSC for review
DoD CITI Training Instructions
Instructions for completing Department of Defense CITIprogram training
Sample Consent Form
Sample consent form may be used by investigators for creating a consent document


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
IACUC Research/Teaching Protocol Application
Application must be completed for all instances of live verebrate use in research and/or teaching
Animal Researcher Training Checklist
Form must be used to complete required training
Occupational Health and Safety Animal Exposure and Medical History Form
All personnel working with live vertebrate species must complete this form
Custom Antibody Form
Form must be completed when using custom antibodies
Animal Facility Safety and Hygiene Plan
Form must be completed when working with hazardous materials in the animal facility (ARC or satellite facility)
MS-222 Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Hygiene Plan for using MS-222 in field studies and animal facilities
Rodent Anesthesia and Surgery Record
Example of rodent anesthesia and surgery record
Rodent Post-Op Care Log
Example of post-op care logs
Protocol Training Roster
To be completed when updating or adding new personnel to a protocol. This form can also be used with the Annual Update Form
Procedural Training Template
Example of procedural training template
Terrestrial Animal Facility Standard Operating Procedure Template
Standard Operating Procedures for PI maintained facilities
Aquatic Animal Facility Standard Operating Procedure Template
Standard Operating Procedures for PI maintained facilities
Fish Census Reporting Form
Example of monthly census reports
Adverse Event Reporting Form
Form may be used to notify the IACUC of any adverse effects or unanticipated problems
Do I Need Protocol? Form
Form is used to help determine whether a protocol is required for certain projects


Sponsored Projects
UC Cash Project Contribution Request Form (Instructions)
Project Contribution Form
NIH/PHS PI Assurance Form
NIH/PHS Fellowship Certification Assurance Form
Request for Approval to Spend Funds (RAS)
Request for Exception to Serve as Principal Investigator (Form 99)
Questionnaire for NASA Assistance Proposals
Standard Cover Letter
OR Information Sheet
Certification of Compliance with A-133 and the Uniform Guidance
Financial Management Systems Questionnaire
Multi-Campus (MCA) Commitment Form
Request to Issue a New or Modification of Subaward (UCSB/OR SK Form 800 Part B)
Sole Source Justification (UCSB/OR SK Form 200)
Subagreement Close-Out Certification (UCSB/OR Form 330)
Subaward Invoice Certification
Subawards under Contracts (UCSB/OR SK Form 800 Part A-2)
Subawards under Grants (UCSB/OR SK Form 800 Part A-1)
Subrecipient Commitment Form (UCSB/OR SK Form 100)
Subrecipient vs Contractor Determination Sheet
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