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Research Circulars
A.1 Policy on Submittal of Proposals, Acceptance of Awards, and Administration of Contracts and Grants
Proposal Preparation and Submission
B.1 Policy on Principal Investigator Roles and Responsibilities and Eligibility to Serve as Principal Investigator
Award Administration
C.1 Policy on Expenditures Against Pending Contracts and Grants
Special Considerations
D.1 Policy on Disclosure of Financial Interests Related to Public Health Service Sponsored Projects for Promoting Objectivity in Research
D.3 Policy on Disclosure of Financial Interests Related to National Science Foundation Sponsored Projects for Promoting Objectivity in Research
D.5 Policy on Disclosure of Financial Interests Related to Acceptance of Private Funds for Research to Promote Objectivity in Research
D.7 Policy on the Administration of Subagreements Under Extramurally Funded Projects
D.8 Implementation of Regental Policy on Research Funded by the Tobacco Industry
E.1 Policy on Material Transfer Agreements
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
UCOP Policy on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching
UCOP MOU for the Care of Laboratory Animals in the Event of Emergency or Disaster
Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia Guide
Administration of Experimental Substances to Animals, Including Non-pharmaceutical-grade or Controlled Substances
Animal Environment Enrichment and Social Housing
Animal Facilities Disaster Contingency Plan
Animal Procurement, Transportation, Quarantine, and Preventive Medicine
Antibody Production
Aseptic Rodent Surgery and Post-Operative Care
Blood and Tissue Collection
Euthanasia of Animals
Evaluation of Concerns of Mistreatment of Animals or IACUC Protocol Non-Compliance
Food and Water Regulation
Humane Experimental Endpoints
Implantation of Tumor Cells in Rodents
Inter-Institutional Agreement on the Use of Animals in Research Settings
Maintenance of Equipment Used for Decapitation
Minimum Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment When Working With Research Animals
Prolonged Physical Restraint
Provisions of Adequate Veterinary Care and Reporting Unanticipated Protocol Complications
Rodent Breeding
Significant Protocol Changes
Training Requirements for Protocol Personnel
Use of Designated Member Review
UCSB Brochure on Vertebrate Animals in UCSB Classrooms
Who Qualifies to be a Principal Investigator on an IACUC Protocol
Use of Wild Birds in Field and Laboratory Research
Use of Wild Mammals in Field and Laboratory Research
Use of Amphibians and Reptiles in Field and Laboratory Research
Use of Fish in Field and Laboratory Research
Human Subjects Guidelines and Procedures
Submission Requirements
Initial Review
Exemption Review
Expedited Review
Continuing Review
Monitoring of Ongoing Research
Data Collection without IRB Approval
Protocol Deviations and Non-Compliance
Suspension or Termination
Unanticipated Problems or Adverse Events
International Research
Special Considerations: Pregnant Women, Fetuses, and Neonates
Special Considerations: Children
Special Considerations: Prisoners
Department of Defense Research
Other Guidelines
Conflict of Interest and Graduate Education
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) Committee Policies and Procedures
An Introduction to Indirect Costs at UC Santa Barbara
COGR Guidance on F&A Costs
Limited Submission Guidelines and Procedures
Policy and Procedures for the Repatriation of Human Remains and Cultural Items
Project Contribution Guidelines
Research Misconduct Policy and Procedures
Gifts, Grants, Contracts, and Sponsorships Determinations
Information for Researchers on the Effect of Proposition 64 on Marijuana Research at the University of California
Other UCSB Campus Policies
UCSB Policies and Procedures
UCSB Human Resources
UCSB Academic Personnel Red Binder
UCSB Business Services
UCSB Travel Office
Office of Sponsored Research and Development Office
UC System-Wide Policies

University of California Policies

University of California Academic Personnel Manual
University of California Business and Finance Bulletins
University of California Contract and Grant Manual
University of California Policy and Regulations Governing Travel
University of California Copyright Policies
University of California Open Access Policy
University of California Export Control Policy
University of California Dual Use Research of Concern
Federal Policies
OMB Circulars
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
United States Code
U.S. Copyright Act (17 U.S.C.)
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