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Faculty Consultations

Targeted funding opportunities

We'll help you find the most promising governmental agency, foundation, and private support in your research areas, suggest ways to assemble funding from multiple sources, and make you aware of the latest on-line resources.

Agency-specific information

Find out about agency characteristics, issues, funding trends, and recent changes—including leadership, procedures, and new initiatives—and about whom to contact, when to do it, and how; plus helpful strategies to build relationships.

Potential collaborators

Based on your research interests, we'll suggest investigators across the disciplines whose research is complementary or otherwise potentially useful to you and provide information about initiatives or events that may be in the works.

Relevant workshops, conferences, and sponsor visits

In addition to helping you gather support for hosting a conference or suggesting useful campus events, we can help you build critical relationships with potential sponsors by identifying appropriate program officers at different agencies and organizations.

New faculty consultations

If you're new to UCSB, you are cordially invited to meet with the Research Development team to learn about the many funding-related services in the Office of Research. We'll tell you about funding opportunities that match your research needs, suggest potential collaborators, and point you toward pertinent events such as sponsor visits. We'll also introduce you to the Sponsored Projects team, who will consult with you about how to prepare your proposal, submit proposals, process your award-and guide you on matters of materials transfer, patents, copyrights, and licensing.

We can:

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