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Sponsored Projects

The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) assists faculty and professional research staff in their efforts to secure and ensure proper stewardship of external funding. This office is responsible for the effective and timely handling of faculty research proposals, specifically for preparing, interpreting, negotiating, and accepting agreements on behalf of the Regents for projects funded by federal and state agencies, foundations, and other public and private sources.

Sponsored Projects teams, consisting of an officer (lead) and an analyst, are assigned to each UCSB department and unit that administers contracts and grants. Sponsored Projects team assignments can be found here.


News & Announcements

Partial Government Shutdown Ended Through February 15

The partial government shutdown has temporarily ended. However, due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the current federal budget situation, UCSB’s Office of Research is providing the following guidance to help our campus plan for another possible partial Federal Government shutdown on February 16. 2019.

If another partial shutdown occurs, operational and administrative activities related to the federal oversight of research and its administration of grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts will again cease for these federal agencies.

Presently, the effected agencies are working to resume normal operations and address the backlog of work from the last 35 days. The National Science Foundation has published a website detailing the NSF process for resuming operations. Departments and PIs with NSF funding should review the website’s information.

Recognizing the possibility of another partial shutdown occuring, please work with your faculty, staff, and Sponsored Projects team to take whatever proactive actions may be available to help avoid or minimize problems that could arise in relation to awards. It is particularly important to submit any prior-approval requests (including no-cost extension requests, if applicable) while the government is fully open.

For information about how the shutdown could affect a specific extramural federally funded project, please see Sponsored Projects’ shutdown website and direct your questions to an officer or analyst in your Sponsored Projects team. Posted 1/28/2019

Partial Federal Shutdown 2019: Guidance from SPO

As a reminder, the federal government is undergoing a partial shutdown. As in past shutdowns, it is likely that no funds–neither new awards nor annual increments of ongoing awards–will be forthcoming from affected agencies until the shutdown has ended.

Until the situation is resolved, researchers with existing awards are encouraged to defer expenses as much as possible so that existing funds may be used, should it prove necessary, to support soft-funded staff, including grad students, postdocs, and other soft-funded researchers and support staff.

Federal agencies subject to the current federal shutdown are issuing instructions to on how to proceed during this period.  Such notices are typically received by the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) and the PI, but it is possible that only the PI will receive this information.  PIs should therefore forward all shutdown notices to their department liaison and SPO team as soon as possible. PIs and department contract and grant liaisons are responsible for reviewing these notices to learn how the federal shutdown will impact awards and subawards funded by these agencies.

Note:  Agency shutdown instructions vary across federal agencies and may vary among different offices of the same agency. Please see the SPO Government Shutdown website for additional information.

Many agencies have not issued specific stop work orders and may allow for continued spending on a grant as long as time and funds are available. Once the period of performance has ended or obligated funds are expended, work must stop. If these, or other conditions listed in the agency’s notice, apply to a PI’s project/s, the PI or department liaison should notify their SPO team as soon as possible. It is important for PIs to project how long their funds will last and adjust their spending and work plan accordingly.

Reporting Obligations: Grant reporting obligations and original deadlines are still in effect. While there may be no one at the agencies to review these reports, principal investigators must adhere to the reporting schedule per their grant awards and submit on time.  We don’t want to compromise the deliverables of the grants.

New Grant Submissions: Opportunities through, NSF Fastlane and with posted deadlines are still in effect although submissions will not be processed until agency operations resume. Agency personnel cannot answer questions about grant submissions.

New IDC & CBR Rate Agreement

UCSB has received a new rate agreement from the DHHS. The agreement adds the negotiated composite benefit rates (CBR) to our existing negotiated indirect cost rate (IDC) agreement. The CBR have been approved for two fiscal years (FY 19 and FY20). The attached rate agreement may be provided, as needed, to sponsors as documentation of our CBR and IDC rates. Budget and Planning will be adding the rate agreement to the CBR website soon. Posted 1/9/2019

Questions relating to IDC should be directed to your Sponsored Projects team. Questions relating to CBR should be directed to

More News & Announcements


Training Opportunities & Upcoming Meetings

Electronic Proposal Submission ORBiT Training

Effective December 1, 2018, all proposals and proposal/award actions should be submitted electronically via ORBiT for SPO review. If departmental contract & grant liaisons and support staff need training in use of the system, please contact your department's Sponsored Projects team.


STAR Class: Post Award Administration

This course addresses several aspects of post-award administration and will include presentations from selected campus representatives. Topics are award set-up, department responsibilities, obtaining campus approvals for post-award actions, travel, equipment management and reporting requirements, and closeout.

Offered: Wednesday, March 06, 2019; 9:00am-12:00pm

Instructors: Vaughn Boyle & Alycia Lewis

Location: Elings Hall, Room 1605

To register, visit the UCSB Learning Center website.

2018-19 STAR Course Schedule

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