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Cayuse Information

Cayuse is a web-based software package that is designed to simplify the preparation and electronic submission of proposals. At UCSB, we use Cayuse as the submission portal for proposals that are sent to This encompasses a wide range of Federal sponsors. Cayuse is widely used, and is in use at institutions such as the University of Wisconsin, Ohio State, Texas, Oregon State, Caltech, Georgia Tech, UCLA, UCSF, UCSD, and UCR.

To reach the Cayuse Log-In Page, please type in the following link into your browser: ucsb(dot)cayuse424(dot)com. You will not be able to bookmark this link.

Please see this video demonstrating Cayuse's primary features.

For questions/comments about Cayuse to the Sponsored Projects Team please send your email to

UCSB Cayuse FAQ’s

Please also review the Cayuse Procedures Handbook as it may answer any additional questions you have.

Other Helpful Links and Tips:

Training Modules:

Module 1: Desktop readiness

Module 2: Intro to Cayuse424

Module 3: Professional Profiles

Module 4: Funding Opportunities

Module 5: Proposal Creation

Module 6: Proposal Basics

Module 7: Proposal Budgets

Module 8: Subawards

Module 9: Attaching Documents


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