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NSF Account Set-up

Note - Effective March 26th, 2018, NSF will be making changes to the process for registering for accounts. SPO will no longer create user accounts in / Fastlane. Users needing new accounts will need to create their own accounts and request their role within the system. SPO will then approve and manage their roles. When a user with an existing account initially logs in on or after March 26th, 2018, their information will be migrated to the new account management system. This will require them to verify their information and allow the migration to occur.

To create a new NSF account, please complete the following steps:

Once you have logged in, you will be able to request a Principal Investigator role through the following steps:

When logging in to or Fastlane on or after March 26th, 2018, you will be required to migrate your existing account. You will be prompted to verify your current information, including your email address and phone number. If you have multiple NSF accounts that need to be reconciled, NSF will reach out to you directly. Further information on the migration process can be found at this link.

Additional information from NSF on these new processes can be found at this link, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) can be found at this link. Please feel free to contact the ERA Team at

Reset Password

If you need to reset a password, please do the following:

Passwords must be between 8 and 20 characters and use three of the four categories below:

In addition, the last six passwords cannot be reused, and accounts will be locked for five minutes after the tenth unsuccessful password attempt.


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