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Procedures for Submission of NSF Corrected Application

Upon email (Proposal did not make it through to NSF yet)

Enter a Type of Submission (Field 1 on the Form)

Check the "Type of Submission" box (1). If this submission is to change or correct a previously submitted "New" application, click the Change/Corrected Application box and enter the tracking number in the Federal identifier field. If this submission is to change or correct a "resubmission", "renewal", "continuation", or "revision" application, leave the Federal identifier field as previously filled with the existing identifier (e.g. Award number). Do NOT insert the tracking number in these cases.

Upon NSF email (Proposal made it past Grants.Gov and now at NSF)

In addition to the validations performed by the ERA system, further administrative review will be conducted by agency staff. The PD/PI and/or the applicant organization may be contacted for further corrections/clarifications that must be done via Fastlane using "proposal file update" module.

Once the proposal has passed Grants.Gov acceptance. NSF does not accept applications through for the following types of transactions:

Proposal File Update - Post Submission

Applications submitted through are considered official submissions to the Federal government. Applicants that wish to change or correct a previously submitted application must use the Proposal File Update module available in the NSF Fastlane System

Check the Status of an Application in Fastlane

After applicants receive a receipt notification from NSF, Fastlane should be used to check the status of an application

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