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Project Contributions

(formerly called "Cost-share")

Project Contributions are resources that are contributed to a sponsored project over and above the support provided by the extramural sponsor of that project. This means that the sponsor does not fully reimburse the campus for all allowable costs associated with the project and the terms of the award may require the University to contribute a portion of the costs for that project. The requirements of the award and the funding source determine the type of contribution.

Additional guidance on project contributions at UCSB are found in the Project Contribution Guidance, and the Proposal Submission Matrix.  Questions regarding project contributions should be directed to your Sponsored Projects team.

Requesting UC Cash Project Contributions

This procedure establishes a standard mechanism of requesting UC Cash project contributions for extramural funding proposals. The Office of Research will receive all UC Cash project contribution requests and will coordinate with relevant campus officials (e.g. Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor, Deans, Department Chairs, and Center Directors) in order to approve and construct project contribution packages.


If a letter of institutional support is required, please specify this along with your request.


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