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The world shines a little dimmer today.  We will miss Cedric Robinson, a towering intellectual who taught us to think imaginatively and expansively about the forces of racial capitalism and the ferocity of the Black radical tradition.  Professor Robinson helped to develop our Center for Black Studies, serving as Director from 1978 to 1987.  We extend our condolences and love to Elizabeth and Najda and to all those in Cedric’s orbit, those close and those far who were profoundly influenced by his fierce intellect, political commitments, and humanizing ways.

— Diane Fujino, Director, on behalf of the Center for Black Studies Research


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May 19, 2016—Yuri Kochiyama is honored by Google on her birthday. Professor Diane Fujino, director of the Center for Black Studies Research, is author of the biography on Yuri, Heartbeat of Struggle: The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama (University of Minnesota Press, 2005).






Journal of Haitian Studies: Special Issue on the US Occupation of Haiti

The Journal of Haitian Studies, a CBSR publication, has published a special issue on the occupation of Haiti by US Marines from 1915 to 1934—a defining event in the nation’s history. Guest-edited by Jeffrey W. Sommers and Ermitte St. Jacques, the special issue contains articles from leading scholars on history of the occupation and its cultural, political, social, and economic legacies.

To purchase a copy or view a full list of articles, click here.



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Announcing a new journal!

Kalfou: A Journal of Comparative and Relational Ethnic Studies has launched through a partnership between the UCSB Center for Black Studies Research and Temple University Press. Edited by George Lipsitz, the journal is designed to connect anti-subordination scholarship to the ideas, experiences, archives, and imaginaries of organic intellectuals, activists, and artists from aggrieved communities.

Following the legacies of the Black radical tradition, the journal is interdisciplinary, international, intergenerational, and intersectional in its approaches to engaged anti-racist scholarship and civic work, as its contributors strive to create a world transcending citizenship.

First issue available FREE! (site registration required to view)

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Electronic Publication: Black California Dreamin'

Black California Dreamin': The Crises of California's African-American Communities presents a diverse group of essays highlighting particular issues facing black communities in California. In this co-edited volume, the authors engage in thought-provoking analyses that include topics such as gentrification, education, foreclosures, homelessness, migration, incarceration, entrepreneurship, urban renewal, gun violence, youth violence, community building, asset stripping, black-brown relations, art as resistance, and the criminalization of poverty. The volume serves as an interdisciplinary contribution to the body of work in Black California Studies. Co-edited by: Ingrid Banks, Gaye Johnson, George Lipsitz, Ula Taylor, & Daniel Widener.

Click here for the electronic version:



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Fall 2015 issue of the Journal of Haitian Studies now available for order

NEW JOURNAL! Kalfou: A Journal of Comparative and Relational Ethnic Studies has launched with Temple University Press

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