To help researchers better understand how to promote transparency in relation to outside financial interests and relationships, we have created a list of best practices for addressing potential conflicts of interest.

Investigators who have submitted a “positive” conflict of interest disclosure may now see reference to a Best Practices Memo. The memo is in use by the Office of Research to share best practices for Investigators who have a financial interest in an outside entity related to their research but where a formal management plan is not required. The memo is intended to communicate best practices for avoiding conflicts of interest in research and ensuring transparency.

UCSB supports the entrepreneurial activities of its researchers and understands that conflicts may arise as these opportunities evolve over time. These best practices are intended to help Investigators mitigate the perception of a conflict of interest by promoting transparency. These best practices are summarized below, and full listing can be found on our conflict of interest website.


Public Disclosure in Publication/Presentations  - Transparency is a key component and is carried out through public disclosure of the Investigator's financial relationship in publications and presentations. 

Management of Intellectual Property  - New or improved technologies, inventions, innovations, creations, or discoveries in the course of the sponsored research should be promptly disclosed to the Office of Technology and Industry Alliances in accordance with their guidance.

Protection of Students and Postdoctoral Scholar - Investigators should disclose their relationship with the entity to all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars under their direction, and should allow students to publish in a timely manner while respecting the research choice of students and postdoctoral scholars.

Conflict of Commitment Disclosure Obligations - Faculty should disclose any activities to their department that may represent a conflict of commitment pursuant to the University of California Policy on Outside Professional Activities (APM-025), with Category I activities requiring prior approval.

Collaboration with a Foreign Entity, Institution or Government - Federal sponsoring agencies have expressed concern over a failure to properly report foreign interests, activities and collaborations. Certain foreign interests and activities must be reported to the federal sponsor as part of proposal submission and/or on progress reports. For additional guidance, please review the Other Support webpage.


It is the COI office’s hope that the memo will serve as a resource to Investigators as they navigate their outside activities while maintaining adherence with the sponsor's requirements.

Contact information:

Erin Hakim, Conflict of Interest Administrator

Barry Rowan, Director of Research Integrity